15 Famous Musicians Who Smoke Weed

by greenrush
musicians who smoke weed

It’s pretty easy to see that throughout history and culture that music and marijuana have always gone together as a perfect pair. Some of the greatest musicians the world has ever known have attributed marijuana to being a large part of their craft and praise it’s mind-expanding abilities, while also advocating in and outside of their music to bring awareness to this magnificent, beautiful, and diverse herb.


As a musician, weed helps to open up channels of creativity and knock loose a bit of the anxiety that comes along with creating anything in an artistic and expressive manner. Sometimes as an artist, you can get stuck deep inside of your own thoughts and begin to second guess yourself. Weed, however, allows the mind to relax and lets all things flow as they should. Let’s take a look at 15 famous musicians who smoke weed.


Whoopi Goldberg

musicians who smoke weed



Whoopi Goldberg has always been extremely vocal about the things she believes in. From her comedy career to her position as a host on “The View,” and then in 2016 starting her own cannabis company with the founder of Om Edibles, Maya Elisabeth, called “Whoopi and Maya.”


Their mission is to offer a signature line of herbal cannabis products formulated to provide relief for women experiencing menstrual cramps and discomfort. Whoopi & Maya products are now widely available at over 300 dispensaries across the U.S.


A few of the products include a CBD rub and Lavender CBD bath soak, both of which are available at Blackjack Collective in Las Vegas. Treat yourself with $10 off your order from Blackjack Collective with the code BJREAD.


Carlos Santana


Carlos Santana rose to guitar hero status quickly in his career after playing the world famed Woodstock Music Festival in 1969 months before his debut album was even released. Santana was raised in Tijuana, Mexico and was no stranger to cannabis as he grew up working in an herb store and learning about it from his mother, who was using it for various ailments.


He’s been known to comment on its“frequency of healing” and spoke about cannabis in a 2017 interview with High Times saying – “It’s a gift from heaven to human consciousness for healing and for awakening—and to stay awake from the nightmare of separation. I would say it’s the key factor to help humans use divine reason.”


Kacey Musgraves



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Kacey Musgraves burst onto the country music scene in 2013 with her debut album “Same Trailer Different Park.” With her own breed of pop-country music, she’s not afraid to speak about what she believes in. She’s been known to play a song live called “John Prine” where her lyrics state, “My idea of heaven is to burn one with John Prine.”


Musgraves is pretty open about her love for weed, and posted a photo to her Instagram from her wedding aptly titled “Lovestoned” showing her and her husband lighting up, wedding dress and all!


Snoop Dogg

musicians who smoke weed

Anyone that knows ANYTHING about Snoop Dogg knows about his love for weed. Snoop has always been an advocate for marijuana and has never had a problem speaking out on the topic and putting his name to various products such as his signature G Pen Herbal Vaporizer.


In 2015 Snoop co-founded Casa Verde Capital, a venture fund, and by 2018 Snoop and his company had raised over $40 million dollars for various marijuana investments. This just goes to show that when it comes to cannabis Snoop will quite literally put his money where his mouth is!


Melissa Etheridge


Melissa Etheridge may be best known for her music career that blossomed in the early 90’s, but as of 2016, the star decided to burst into the cannabis world with her company “Etheridge Farms.” Her company set out to create flower, edibles, topicals, and even cannabis wine tinctures.


Etheridge stated that her product line was geared towards those who “Look to unwind at night and not have a couple of drinks and feel like crap in the morning.” I think that’s something we can all spark up to!


Bob Marley


If you’ve ever seen a photo of Bob Marley, whether it be a candid shot or an album cover, there is a good chance that he was smoking a joint. Marley is known as one of the single most influential reggae artists in the world, as well as one of the largest advocates for cannabis.


There are quotes by Marley attributing his love for weed to his creativity, such as: “When you smoke the herb, it reveals you to yourself” and “Music and herb go together. It’s been a long time now I smoke herb. From the 1960’s, when I first started singing.”


It’s plain to see with his impressive discography of 13 full-length studio albums with The Wailers, it certainly never hurt his creative output.


Willie Nelson


Since the 1960’s Willie has never shied away from speaking out as an advocate for cannabis and its connection to music and creativity. In 2015 Nelson co-founded Willie’s Reserve, selling his stash to dispensaries all across the United States.


On his website, williesreserve.com, you can see his range of products with everything from glass jars, pre-rolled joints, edibles, and even vaping extracts. The website states its mission is to “pay tribute to the tradition of sharing, caring, and toking.”


Wiz Khalifa


Wiz Khalifa has spoken about his love for weed since his first album in 2006, “Show and Prove” and with following albums titled “Rolling Papers” and songs titled “420 Freestyle,” “Weed Farm,” and So High,” to name just a few.


In a 2017 interview with Tonic.com Khalifa said: “Smoking just helps to free my mind, slow my thoughts down and think about everything not only in a more poetic way but in a more creative way in general.”



musicians who smoke weed

Not only is Rihanna one of the biggest stars in the world, she’s also a big fan of cannabis. Flipping through her Instagram for just a few minutes will give you a pretty good idea of what we’re talking about. She can be seen sparking up quite regularly, and seems pretty open about it!


On the cover for her first single “Unapologetic” Rihanna swapped the pretty green for diamonds being wrapped up in a rolling paper, and on the cover of her sixth album “Talk That Talk” she can be seen exhaling a puff, and she’s made it very clear what that was an homage to.




Even the Queen of Pop, Madonna, has shared her love for the bud. In an interview with David Letterman in 1994, she infamously dropped the f-bomb 13 times during her Late Show appearance. In 2009 she told Letterman, about her previous appearance on the show that “It wasn’t because I was excited about you. I think it may have had something to do with the joint I smoked before I came on.”


Alanis Morissette


Alanis Morissette exploded onto the pop music scene in 1995 with her now 16x platinum album Jagged Little Pill. She’s always been fairly open about how marijuana assists in her creativity and said this in a 2009 interview with High Times Magazine.


"As an artist, there's a sweet jump-starting quality to [marijuana] for me," Morissette says. "I've often felt telepathic and receptive to inexplicable messages my whole life. I can stave those off when I'm not high. When I'm high - well, they come in and there's less of a veil, so to speak. So if ever I need some clarity... or a quantum leap in terms of writing something, it's a quick way for me to get to it.”


Louis Armstrong


Louis Armstrong is certainly known for being one of the most recognizable names in the Jazz genre starting back in the 1920’s. Along with his obvious love for jazz, he also had quite the fancy for “the Gage” as he called it.


“That was our cute little nickname for marijuana…We always looked at pot as a sort of medicine, a cheap drunk and with much better thoughts than one that’s full of liquor.”


We couldn’t agree more, Louis.


Jimi Hendrix

musicians who smoke weed



When it comes to musicians who smoke weed, Jimi Hendrix was known for his ability to make a guitar speak, giving it a voice so unique that he will always be remembered as one of the worlds greatest guitar legends. He also enjoyed a bit of weed to channel some of his most legendary riffs.


In his song “Trash Man” Hendrix says “Please pass me the peace weed, and take some heed. Throw away all that mixed up speed.”


There is even a hybrid strain that carries the name Jimi Hendrix as well as multiple other strains dedicated to the rock legend.


Lady Gaga


If you know anything about the eccentric Lady Gaga, you likely know that she is a fan of cannabis. Not only for the sheer enjoyment you get when you toke up but also as a very helpful aid in pain relief.


Gaga’s latest film on Netflix “Five Foot Two” goes into depth about her chronic pain caused by fibromyalgia and how medical marijuana has helped her manage her pain. It’s a must-watch for anyone that needs proof to see just how important medical cannabis truly is.


Tommy Chong


Tommy Chong sparked an entire career based off of his love for marijuana. In 1978 Chong and his comedy partner Cheech Marin released the film “Up In Smoke” followed by an entire franchise of Cheech and Chong films. All involving the bud.


Chong now runs his business Chong’s Choice selling pre-rolls, oil cartridges, THC strips and more. In Chong’s own words – “If more people were stoned there would be less violence in the world.” which we believe a lot of cannabis enthusiasts would second.


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