The Best Vacation Spots for Smokers

by GreenRush

When it comes to relaxing, the only thing that rivals cannabis is a good vacation. And with the rise in global acceptance when it comes to weed, both medicinally and recreationally, combining the two is now easier than ever. In the hope of inspiring some serious wanderlust, then, let's take a look at the best cannabis vacation spots for smokers.

Kingston, Jamaica

Any list breaking down the best cannabis vacation spots for weed should start with Kingston. The one time home of reggae legend and noted cannabis activist Bob Marley, every weed smoker should make a pilgrimage to the city at least once in their life. Herb is also essentially legal all across Jamaica: possession of up to two ounces counts as a petty offense and weed has been 100% decriminalized when used by the island's Rastafarians. With the world's best jerk chicken and a city that is half jungle, half urban metropolis, Kingston is a hell of a trip, even when completely sober. Just be sure not to smoke too openly to avoid unwanted attention; keep it discreet and enjoy paradise.

GreenRush | Best Places to Smokes Weed - Kingston

Vancouver, Canada

Canada is known as our friendly neighbor to the north for a reason: Despite federal illegality, weed is consumed for both medicinal and recreational purposes, with police even stating that they have better things to do, eh. It's no surprise then that Vancouver makes its way onto this list. The city consistently ranks as one of the top cities in the world for quality of life, with its incredible access to some truly astounding nature trails, mountains and ski resorts making it a haven for outdoor folks. Weed is very easy to come by (as of 2015, there are more medicinal marijuana dispensaries than McDonalds), and consumption is generally accepted as long as you're discreet.

GreenRush | Best Places to Smokes Weed - Vancouver

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam has long been the torch-bearer of the liberal weed law movement. Home to the High Times Cannabis Cup and a network of coffee shops unlike anywhere else in the world, it's easy to buy, smoke and enjoy weed in the Dutch capital. And the sellers know what they're talking about: Many have been in the business for decades, collecting a wealth of experience that is rarely found outside of the Dutch coffee shop scene. You can be consulted on everything from joints, dabs, edibles and concentrates and experiment to your heart's content in a safe, friendly and professional environment. What's more, with a really interesting history, a phenomenal art scene and some of the most renowned museums in the world, Amsterdam offers it all.

GreenRush | Best Places to Smokes Weed - Amsterdam

Nimbin, Australia

Despite being a tiny (and we mean tiny; it has a population of 420) town in the middle of nowhere, Nimbin is a hell of a destination if you enjoy marijuana. Situated conveniently in the middle of nowhere, Nimbin has a drug policy that flies in the face of the rest of the Australian continent: Despite the state of New South Wales and the larger federal government of Australia categorizing marijuana as a wholly illegal product, its sale, consumption and production is free and unregulated in Nimbin. And, unsurprisingly, with such a liberal contingent calling Nimbin home, the small town is host to a unique and interesting art scene, numerous quaint cafes and some impressive tattoo parlors.

GreenRush | Best Places to Smokes Weed - Nimbin, Australia
Nimbin, Australia. Photo by Peter Terry.

Berlin, Germany

Berlin is a hell of a city. Its location, smack-bang in the center of Europe, makes for an interesting melting-pot make-up: People from all over the world can be seen dancing to the reverberating thud of the world's best techno music until the sun rises, sets and rises again. And Berlin's huge concentration of young, hipster liberals makes the city the exception when compared to the rest of Germany. Possession is legal up to half an ounce and – despite being technically illegal – the police don't worry too much about the sale of smaller amounts for personal use. Moreover, mounting pressure coming out of Berlin for a Netherlands-style coffee shop system is changing German perceptions of cannabis and Germany is touted to be one of the next big nations to go legal.

GreenRush | Best Places to Smokes Weed -Berlin

Montevideo, Uruguay

Uruguay is a great place to go if you want to enjoy some top-quality herb. Being the first country in the world to fully legalize both the production and the sale of cannabis, it's fair to say its relationship with the plant is a good one. The only downside to holidaying in the Uruguayan capital is that weed is strictly for citizens. Despite its enormous potential to rake in millions in tax dollars, the Uruguayan government wants to hinder the development of a pot-based tourism takeover. Therefore, despite the lax legislation, don't expect to be able to smoke completely freely. Tourists can expect a fine of anywhere between $2 and $87 if caught possessing marijuana, though prosecutions remain rare.

GreenRush | Best Places to Smokes Weed - Montevideo

Barcelona, Spain

Spain's marijuana laws are rivaled only by the Netherlands in terms of European liberalization. Citizens there are allowed to carry a whopping 1.5 ounces of weed on their person at any time and can even grow up to two plants on their property. The result of these relaxed laws? Relaxed smoking, of course. It's even acceptable to smoke in public, as long as you're not causing a nuisance, being overly disrespectful or drawing attention to yourself in a negative manner.

GreenRush | Best Places to Smokes Weed - Barcelona

Zurich, Switzerland

Switzerland is a feature of a million listicles, especially when it comes to cheese, mountains and – the most common one of all – money. It's one hell of a rich country that, despite its heavy conservative majority, has one of the most relaxed set of marijuana laws on the planet. And you know what? Weed goes great with cheese. And mountains. And money.

GreenRush | Best Places to Smokes Weed - Zurich

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