Can You Vape in SF? And Other Questions for Cannabis Lovers

by Jessica
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California has always been forward-thinking when it comes to cannabis legislation. It was the first state to legalize medical marijuana, way back in 1996. And since 2018, it’s been legal to buy and use recreational cannabis in California for all adults aged over 21. With your San Francisco cannabis delivery on route - you need to know the rules.

These days, cannabis in San Francisco is more accessible than ever. But there are still laws and restrictions that govern cannabis use. If you’re planning to smoke, vape, or consume weed in SF, you’re probably got some questions.

We’ve pulled together the answers to some of the most common questions cannabis consumers in San Francisco ask us. Bear in mind that laws and regulations are constantly changing, and vary in different cities, counties, and states.

Is it Legal to Buy Cannabis in San Francisco?

Yes - since 2018, it’s been legal to sell, buy, and use cannabis for recreational and medical reasons throughout California. But there are restrictions on who can buy it and how much you can buy.

To start with, you must be at least 21 to buy recreational weed. If you have a medical marijuana license, then the age limit drops to 18. And you must buy from a licensed dispensary, not from your mates.

There are also limits on how much cannabis you can buy. You can buy up to 1 ounce (28.5 grams) per day in California, or 8 grams of concentrates. If edibles are your thing, you’re allowed to buy up to 2800 mg of THC at once. If you’re caught with more, you could risk a fine of $100.

Those limits also apply to how much you can carry at one time. So if you’re heading out, only take what you need, not your whole stash. Medical users are allowed to buy more cannabis - up to 8 ounces at a time.

Where Can I Smoke Weed in San Francisco?

San Francisco has quite strict laws surrounding cannabis use in public. Essentially, anywhere that smoking tobacco is banned, using cannabis is also illegal. That means in public spaces, on sidewalks, and in bars and restaurants. There are fines of up to $250 if you get caught using in public.

However, event organizers are allowed to apply for temporary permits for cannabis consumption at their events, as long as the weed isn’t visible to any other public spaces. So cannabis events are perfectly legal, as long as the correct permits are in place.

If you want to play it safe, stick to using in private places like homes. These days, you don’t even need to leave the house to get cannabis delivered to your door. But be aware that landlords do have the right to ban use on their property, even though it’s legal. Check with your landlord if you have any questions!

Also, although recreational cannabis is legal in California, it’s still illegal federally. And some places in California are federal land - like airports and national parks. That means in those spaces, cannabis is still illegal.

Can You Vape in SF?

The rules around vaping can be a bit confusing. San Francisco voted to ban the sale of e-cigarettes in July 2019, a law that came into effect in 2020. That means e-cigarettes can’t be sold online or in-store, anywhere in San Francisco.

But the definition of an e-cigarette only applies to devices that contain tobacco or nicotine. So cannabis vapes are still legal and available to purchase in dispensaries throughout San Francisco. Still, the rules around cannabis use apply to vaping too. So refer to smoking laws in SF before vaping.

What About Growing My Own Weed?

California’s cannabis laws allow San Francisco residents to grow up to six plants for personal use on their property. They must be kept in your private residence and out of sight of public spaces.

Does San Francisco Have Cannabis Delivery?

We sure do. Cannabis delivery is legal in California, and although different areas have different rules, it’s also legal in San Francisco. What’s not legal is shipping cannabis by post.

Here at Green Rush, you can order up to 1 ounce per day for same-day delivery. We typically deliver within 90 minutes and delivery is free. You’ll need to provide a copy of your photo ID to prove you’re over 21. And you’ll have to receive the weed yourself, as we can’t deliver to another person on your behalf.

Right now, we deliver to a range of postcodes in San Francisco, Peninsula, San Jose, East Bay and Sacramento. Our list of postcodes is always expanding, so check back if you don’t see your address yet. If it’s your first time ordering, we’ve got a full guide to how to order weed online.