Cannabis Possession and Ads Banned at McCarran International Airport

by greenrush
mccarran international airport

Recreational marijuana is now legal in the state of Nevada. However, we won't be seeing weed everywhere within in the state. Cannabis has been notably banned in casinos and now, McCarran International Airport has followed suit.


Clark County commissioners have voted to ban cannabis possession and advertising in the airport. People found with less than an ounce of cannabis in their possession are now more likely to face police involvement. There is also a greater possibility of misdemeanors or fines being issued.


Whilst Nevada marijuana laws regard it as recreationally legal, this vote is in keeping with federal aviation laws which continue to see marijuana as an illegal substance.


The ban on advertising within McCarran International Airport includes fixed signs and electronic screen displays. It won't include vinyl wrapped taxis or vehicles used to drop people off at the airport.


Vegas casinos have noted that as long as marijuana is classed as an illegal substance by the federal government, they won't be allowing it within their casinos.


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