5 Cannabis Facts You Definitely Should Know

by greenrush
cannabis facts

Cannabis has had a long and storied history in cultures throughout the world. Early mentions of cannabis date back as far as China in 2500 B.C., where tombs of noble people were found to contain large amounts of mummified psychoactive marijuana buried with the deceased! Needless to say, a lot has changed since then and cannabis continues to write its history in the fields of medicine and recreation. Here are 5 cannabis facts you probably didn’t know.


1. Your edible experience will depend on how full or empty your stomach is

cannabis facts



Edibles are one of the most popular forms of medical and recreational cannabis use due to multiple factors. First off, there is no smoking involved, which is a fantastic plus for a vast majority of people that want and need relief but do not want to harm their lungs.


The psychoactive experience will vary greatly depending on how empty or full your stomach is. If you’ve not eaten, and you consume edibles on an empty stomach, the high will come on more quickly and be more intense. If you consume edibles on a full stomach, however, it will take your body longer to process the THC and, in turn, the high will not be as potent. Your liver has to metabolize all food ingested before feeling the effects.


Edibles are great for patients that suffer from chronic aches and pains, stress and anxiety, and even insomnia as the psychoactive effects affect your entire body and not just your mind, resulting in deep relaxation.


A great edible to start with would be the Korova Peanut Butter Cookies. These cookies are a perfect and powerful cerebral snack that contain 10 mg of THC per serving, and 100 mg per package. As the back of their fantastic packaging reads: "You can always eat more, but you can't eat less." However, we always recommend that beginners start carefully and learn how their body reacts to different cannabinoid ratios and levels.


2. There are three main varieties of cannabis; sativa, indica, and hybrid



There are various differences between sativa, indica, and hybrids varieties of the cannabis plant. Each has its own unique properties and can be used to target specific ailments. For a more detailed overview of the differences between the three, check out our article on sativa versus indica.




Let's call sativa the "AM" variety. Sativa is known, in large, for its uplifting and heady cerebral qualities. Sativa strains are great for boosting mood for people with anxiety or depression and are also known as excellent creativity boosters. This is the strain you want to go with when you're ready to get moving and stay moving while also putting your head in the right place. If you need to stay uplifted and moving throughout the day, Loudpack’s 3.5g Blue Dream is a sativa-dominant strain that crosses Haze and the Blueberry indica strain for a very gentle high that makes this the perfect daytime strain for treating pain or helping with anxiety and depression.




If sativa is the “AM” strain then indica is most definitely of the “PM” variety. The properties within an indica-dominant plant are more well-known for their ability to aid in muscle aches and pains, chronic illnesses, and sleep conditions such as insomnia. The effects of an indica strain are more hard-hitting and provide more of a "full body" experience. If you’re looking for something to soothe your mind and body at night, the West Coast Sunrise 3.5g Purple Punch is a heavy-hitting indica that comes in at 21.55% THC. This strain was created by crossing Grandaddy Purple and Larry OG which will give you a fantastic head high and then move its way down through every muscle in your body. This is undoubtedly an excellent evening strain and an excellent choice for those with stress, restlessness, and insomnia.




Hybrids are exactly what the name suggests; multiple strains combined to create a new strain that targets specific needs or ailments. For example, a sativa plant can be crossed with an indica plant to give the newly created hybrid the best of both worlds in a nice, smooth, energetic high that has a relaxing full-body finish. That being said, all hybrids will be dominant in one strain or the other, and can also be made by mixing two of the same strain. An indica: indica hybrid will have much more of that full-body relaxation while a sativa: sativa hybrid will bring a heavy uplifting euphoria with a larger burst of creativity. So, if you’re looking for something that can take care of the best of both worlds, Summit Farms 3.5g Chemdawg is an excellent choice.This bud packs the pungent diesel-like aroma that you would expect from Sour Diesel or OG Kush in addition to an uplifting cerebral feeling that is great for creativity, pain, and depression.


3. According to the U.N., 158.8 million people around the world use marijuana, which is over 3.8% of the world’s population

cannabis facts



In recent years, medical marijuana has slowly become more accepted throughout the United States and the rest of the world. Cannabis is now medically legal in 25 states and recreationally legal in 9 states and the District of Columbia. Cannabis use has been prominent in other nations for quite some time. Back in 1976 cannabis became legal for recreational use in "coffee shops" throughout the Netherlands and on October 17th of 2018, Canada became the first G7 nation to legalize the recreational use of marijuana. While cannabis is still illegal in many states throughout the US, many feel optimistic that legalization will continue to move forward. If you’re looking for an easy way to experience cannabis for the first time, the Kurvana Disposable Vape in Grapefruit Kush is great for newcomers and avid smokers alike. This hybrid vape is excellent for daytime use for relieving stress and anxiety as well as keeping you uplifted and able to move through your day. Its gentle citrus flavor makes for the perfect vape every single time.


4. CBD may help with acne

cannabis facts



While the benefits of CBD oils and creams can be far-reaching, one fantastic use is acne treatment! CBD oil may be able to dramatically reduce acne due to its anti-inflammatory effects. CBD also interacts with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) which plays a part in activating neurotransmitters that regulate healthy cell growth. A great place to start with CBD acne treatment is the Harlot Haze CBD Cannalotion. This CBD lotion is an excellent introduction to the world of CBD skincare. It contains 135.60 mg of CBD which is sure to help relax, soothe, and heal your skin wherever it's needed. Packed full of the terpenes Linalool, Limonene, and A-Bisabolol, this all-natural fragrant lotion should be a staple in everyone's skincare routine.


5. In addition to cannabinoids, cannabis also contains flavonoids and terpenes


cannabis facts


There is so much more to the cannabis plant than just THC and CBD. In fact, there are more than 200 compounds that can be found in marijuana. THC and CBD aside, the cannabis plant also contains flavonoids and terpenes that play an important role in giving each strain its own individual character.


Flavonoids not only add to the odor and flavor of a particular strain but are also responsible for the colorful red buds you might find in Red Dragon or the bright purple color found in Grandaddy Purple.


Terpenes also affect the odor and flavor of each strain, but more importantly, they play a role in the medical effects of each strain. For example, the terpene Linalool plays a large part in the relaxation and mood-boosting effects certain strains possess.


If you are looking to experiment with the various terpenes cannabis has to offer, look no further than Moxie’s 0.5g Virtue OG. This is a solid concentrate for dabbing and is great for fighting off pain and getting yourself into a state of deep relaxation. Containing the terpenes B Caryophyllene, Limonene, and Linalool, this concentrate contains 60-70% THC and is sure to help out in mind, body, and soul.


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