Cannabis For Anxiety: 5 Products To Help With Anxiety

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cannabis for anxiety

Note: greenRush is not a medical authority. Consult with your doctor or physician before starting any kind of treatment.


The biggest question surrounding cannabis for anxiety is this: does it cause anxiety or does it help with anxiety symptoms? Some claim cannabis use causes them paranoia, while others say it’s the only thing that can help them relax. What’s the reason for this huge discrepancy in experiences?


It’s important to note that different people will often have different experiences with the same product. What works for a friend may not work for you and vice versa.


If you’re looking for an alternative treatment for symptoms of anxiety, cannabis may be able to help. But there are lots of different strains in the modern dispensary, and knowing what you’re looking for helps a lot. Hopefully, we can guide you on how to avoid creating an anxious experience when using weed, but rather ease any stresses or worries. The key lies in balance.


THC, CBD, and Anxiety


Since the isolation of THC as the psychoactive compound in cannabis was discovered by the Israeli scientist, Raphael Mechoulam, we’ve been growing weed with the aim of maximizing THC production. At every Cannabis Cup, there is a winner for highest THC percentage. Higher end dispensaries lab test all of their products so you know how much THC is contained within them.


Landrace strains of cannabis generally have a much lower THC content than modern strains. There is also a general balance in landraces between THC and CBD.


What we know about these cannabinoids is really not that much. But we have identified that despite the fact that CBD and THC are present within the same plant, their effects on the psyche actually counteract each other. While THC is psychoactive, CBD is actually anti-psychotic, meaning that CBD can actually dull down the psychoactive effects of THC.


Before geneticists had an influence on cannabis strains, the THC:CBD ratio was generally more balanced and equal. So while the effect of THC was still prominent, it was counteracted by the antipsychotic effects of CBD. This is generally why it is recommended to consume high percentage THC strains with caution.


A psychoactive experience is a natural result of using THC and probably isn’t the most “relaxing” element for those who already experience symptoms of anxiety. Now, that’s not to say that THC doesn’t have relaxing effects at all. It is a great muscle relaxant and pain reliever. But when it is correctly balanced with CBD, some may experience a relaxing effect on the mind, as well.


If you want to use cannabis for anxiety and depression, then it’s important to keep these points in mind. Not all weed is created equal. Some are made for extreme pain relief, some are made purely for recreation, and some are more likely to help with anxiety. So next time you’re shopping for your cannabis products, have a look at the THC:CBD ratio. The more balanced it is, the more likely it is to help you with symptoms of anxiety.


Some Recommendations That May Help With Anxiety


To take some of the guesswork out of choosing the correct cannabis for anxiety treatment, we’ve listed 5 products that you can try. Different products will always suit people differently, so don’t be discouraged if it takes you some time to find the perfect anti-anxiety cannabis treatment for you.


Hemp Bomb CBD Gummies

cannabis for anxiety

Hemp Bombs


These gummies are made with CBD only, meaning that they don’t actually contain any THC. For those looking for relaxation and pain relief, CBD is a great medicine. It does not have the psychoactive effect of THC, and therefore doesn’t make you “high”, but has an anti-anxiety effect nonetheless.


Hemp Bombs’ CBD is deliciously disguised in these gummies, so taking your medicine can be a real treat. Each pack contains 375 mg, so you can dose yourself accordingly.


Hemp Bomb CBD Capsules

cannabis for anxiety

Hemp Bombs


If you prefer to stay away from sugary treats while treating anxiety, you might enjoy Hemp Bombs’ CBD Capsules. They are much more potent than gummies, as each capsule contains 60mg of CBD. For those who are accustomed to the effects of CBD or who think that they need a more potent dose of anti-anxiety, this is a good capsule to have on hand.


At $5 per capsule, they aren’t the cheapest option. But when it comes to getting some heavy relief and fast, this capsule is a great option.


Wünder Fruits 1oz Tincture CBD:THC 20:1

cannabis for anxiety

Wunder Fruit Foods/Facebook


The High CBD Tincture by Wünder Fruits is one of their many highly concentrated edible products. Their process of extracting and emulsifying requires no chemicals, keeping their products as pure as possible.


While this tincture does contain some THC, there is much more CBD  than THC, making it a great medicine for those wanting to use cannabis for anxiety. A general feeling of wellbeing and pain relief can be experienced, as well as physical relaxation, without an overpowering psychoactive effect.


Alpha Blue Pre-Rolls, 3 pack

cannabis for anxiety



Alpha Blue is a strain considered to be highly effective for those with anxiety. The buzz that you get from Alpha Blue is euphoric, energetic and should take those stresses away. This sativa dominant strain hails from parents Blue Dream and NYC Diesel.


With a 21% THC content, this strain is very strong. If you’re going to be using this product as an anxiety treatment, it’s recommended to take it easy with doses. Each pre-roll has 0.8 grams in it, so if you aren’t sharing with anyone, take a couple of puffs and see how you feel. It might be all you need!


Absolute Xtracts 0.5g Jack Herer Cartridge

cannabis for anxiety

Absolute Xtracts


Jack Herer is another strain that has become renowned for being good medicine for anxiety or depression. On a side note, it’s also a great tool for enhancing creativity. The effects of this sativa are uplifting and euphoric, having their effects on a more cerebral than a physical level.


The blissful, clear-headed high from Jack Herer makes it a much-loved strain among many different people. And if you’re using cannabis for anxiety, it’s a great way to get a little bit high and enjoy the feeling of relaxation.


We hope you enjoy some of the product recommendations we’ve made in your search for different cannabis treatments for anxiety!


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