Can You Fail a Drug Test for CBD?

by jessie
Can you fail a drug test for CBD?

If you use CBD products for their seemingly endless health benefits but you’re not into using THC products and getting high, you’re probably wondering: Does CBD show up on a drug test? 


As you probably know, CBD alone utilizes all of the health benefits of cannabis without the psychoactive effects provided by THC. Because of this, hemp-derived CBD is completely legal on a federal level as long as it contains less than 0.3% THC. 


This is why it is so questionable whether or not you can still fail a drug test; you don’t get high, but you’re still technically using a marijuana product. So, we understand why you’d be concerned about that upcoming drug test, but don’t worry, there is always a detox option for any situation.


Does CBD Show Up on a Drug Test?


Alright, the answer to the pressing question… unfortunately, the short answer is probably. We wish it were more simple than that. Whether or not CBD consumption will show up in a drug test depends on whether or not there is THC in the products you are consuming and how much THC, for that matter. 


If there is no THC whatsoever in the CBD you used, it should not show up on a drug test; however, that is a huge gamble. Almost all CBD products still contain even trace amounts of THC. Again, the legal limit is 0.3% THC in CBD products, but that is still something. 


That said, there is a chance you could be given a CBD drug test. In that case, it would be irrelevant whether or not THC was present in the products you used because the drug test will actively be looking for CBD. These tests are very uncommon as CBD does not elicit any psychoactive effects, which is the concern behind administering drug tests in the first place. Still, they are not outside the realm of possibility. Either way, there are some steps you can take to make sure you’re set to pass that drug test as a CBD consumer.  


How Long Does CBD Stay in Your System?


On average, CBD will only stay in your system for a few days. However, like THC, some people can hold on to CBD for longer than average; some bodies can take a few weeks to get rid of it. 


The main factor in this duration is the frequency of use. Naturally, if you’re a very frequent CBD user, it will take longer to completely disappear from your system as it has been able to build up. The amount of time CBD stays in your system also depends on things like your BMI and general health. Of course, if you have a naturally fast metabolism, the CBD will work its way through your body faster than it would in someone with a slow metabolism. Frequent users can expect detection times of over a month.


Find out how long THC will stay in your system here.


What to Do for an Upcoming Drug Test


So, can you fail a drug test due to CBD? Yes, it is possible. This means you’ll want to be prepared to pass a drug test. To get ready for an upcoming drug test, you’ll first need to determine what type of test you’ll be taking. Your test could be performed through your hair, blood, saliva, or urine, the latter being the most likely. 


This is important because different tests follow different timelines; your hair holds onto drugs for up to ninety days, while blood, saliva, and urine will typically only hold on to drugs for a couple of days to a week. You’ll also need to consider your toxicity level to determine how long it would take you to detox naturally. 


CBD isolate will yield a much lower toxicity level than a CBD: THC combo. Your toxicity level will go up as the percentage of THC in your CBD products increases. Your frequency of use also influences this; the more you use CBD and THC products, the higher your toxicity level. With that information in mind, you will need to look at your cleansing deadline, which would be the time of the test. Then you can figure out if that deadline is doable or not. 


How to Detox CBD 


The good news is, there are always measures you can take to detox in time; you just need to figure out if you can do so naturally or not. Either way, you’ll want to stop consuming CBD right away. If you have a month or so until your test, you should be able to detox naturally with the help of lots of fluids and exercise. 


If you don’t have so much time, you can try a detox cleansing product to cleanse in a few days. This will speed up your body’s natural cleansing process so you can detox more quickly, especially if used with other natural cleansing practices. There are even products that will get you ready to pass your test in just one day if the situation is that critical. 


So, no matter how much CBD you’ve taken and how soon your test is, there is no need to panic. Whether you’re able to detox naturally or you need the help of cleansing kits, there are always methods to pass!