CBD For Pets: California University Study Could Change The Game

by greenrush
cbd for pets

Cannabis products for pets have been the hot topic of conversation in the marijuana industry for some time now. While there are lots of pooch owners out there who swear by CBD to treat pain or seizures until now vets aren’t allowed to legally prescribe cannabis as a remedy. But there’s a possibility that all of that will soon change. The UC Davis Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital has recently been conducting a first-of-its-kind study on the effects of CBD for pets.


This recent study, along with the newly proposed bill to give Californian vets the right to suggest cannabis as medicine, could completely change the way that we medicate our pets. At the end of the day, we are not genetically that different from our furry best friends. Is it safe to say that CBD could be just as effective for them as it is for humans?


The first cannabis research in veterinary medicine

cbd for pets

Until now, everything that we have had to say about the effect of cannabis on our pets has been speculation. There has not been any real scientific research into the role of cannabis in veterinary medicine. That’s not to say that there aren’t some pup owners out there taking the liberty of doing their own “research” if you get the jist. UC Davis Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital is the pioneer of research into how cannabis affects our pets.


The study is essentially a survey. UC Davis is currently collecting information from pet owners who have used or are using cannabis products on their pets. Information is still being collected from anonymous pet owners to get an idea of what people are doing and how their animals are being affected.


The objective of the research is to provide education to veterinarians and pet owners about the potential risks and benefits of CBD for pets. The ripple effect of this study within the cannabis industry could be enormous. It would add a lot of value to the research that has already been conducted with respect to medical cannabis in general. It would also shed some light on how cannabis products are being used already by those who have pets.


AB 2215: legal marijuana treatment for animal patients

cbd for pets

Vets in California are not allowed to prescribe marijuana as a treatment for pets, nor are they really allowed to suggest it to pet owners. AB2215, a bill proposed by Ash Kalra could potentially change these legal restrictions. However, the bill doesn’t go so far as to give veterinarians the permission to actually prescribe marijuana. It gives them the permission to open the medical conversation and to be immune from punishment should they talk about it with pet owners.


As you can imagine, there is some hesitation about passing a bill such as this one. The biggest objection is that we don’t really have any scientific evidence to suggest that CBD oil for dogs or cats is a good thing - or a bad thing for that matter! It’s an honest objection. But of course, it’s hard to conduct substantial research on a plant that is considered illegal in the eyes of federal law.


At the end of the day, veterinarians know more about the potential risks and the potential success of CBD for pets than everybody else does. That’s the whole point of the introduction of this bill. Allowing veterinarians to have the conversation with pet owners gives rise to a better public understanding of how these products can be used and benefited from.


The healing power of CBD for pets

cbd for pets

We might not have any scientific evidence that cannabis is good for dogs, but there has definitely been some anecdotal evidence. And we shouldn’t dismiss the success stories. They are, after all, the reason people might consider doing research in the first place.


Remember Oscar the dog we featured just a few months ago? CBD oil helped him recover from spinal surgery, enough to be able to walk on his hind legs again. There have even been reported success stories of CBD oil for dog seizures. The healing potential of cannabis doesn’t seem at all limited to human beings. And while it may not be the best solution for every pet, it certainly seems to have worked for some.


Allowing vets to talk openly and honestly with pet owners about the use of cannabis products isn’t about getting animals high. It’s not about dosing pets with the next canna-brownies you bake. It’s much more sophisticated than that. And actually, THC isn’t good for animals and can be fatal at high toxicity. But CBD for pets has the potential to be a tremendously healing alternative for pet owners who would prefer to medicate their pets naturally.


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