Clementine Strain Review - A Citrusy Sativa

by greenrush
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Clementine is slowly creeping up the ranks of the best cannabis strains in California, and we want to tell you all about it. A seriously satisfying sativa, it packs one helluva refreshing punch, and now - thanks to GreenRush - you can get Clementine delivered. Here’s everything you need to know.

Clementine Strain Review - A Citrusy Sativa

Clementine is becoming renowned across this great nation for a reason: it’s a magnificently mighty sativa that’s as accoladed as it is loved. It took home second place in the 2015 Cannabis Cup in Michigan and is a product of the near-legendary Crockett Family Farms, the guys behind renowned versions of Tangie, Banana Split and Haze.

The Look

The buds themselves are decidedly attractive. The green is of an alluringly light shade, while rivers of orange and brown wrap themselves around the bud like a set of unwielding, arthritic witch's fingers.

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The aroma that wafts off of each and every nug of Clementine is like the classic Tom and Jerry-style pie on a windowsill: It’ll reel you in, scoop you up and have you floating towards any dimebag high on a wave of expectation. The orangey, zesty, overwhelming notes of freshness make it clear why this dank bud is so named - and as allbud noted, ‘[it’s] like walking through an orange grove just after the rain.'

The Experience

When smoked, the smell is just the beginning. The taste is as satisfying as Clementine is to look at, and this bud has been praised for it’s sharpness, leaving an alluring citrusy aftertaste - all while being wrapped up in the perfect amount weed.

This legendary sativa is a cross-breed of Tangie and Lemon Skunk, two sativa-dominant hybrids that are famed for their mood-enhancing effects. The posterboy of the broader sativa genus, Clementine will have you immediately feeling better. You will feel more positive, more active and more ready to face the day-to-day. Moments later, however, as soon as Clementines relatively high THC content (20%) reaches your brain, the effects are gently levelling - you are left in a lingering state of relaxation that permeates every cell in your body.

Therefore, it won’t take too much to overdo it, but medicate right and Clementine is the perfect day time strain. For these reasons, it is an ideal strain for treating stress and combatting depression, and works as an effective source of pain relief with minimal lethargic side effects.

Get Clementine Delivered 

If you’re looking for world-class sativa, look no further. Clementine is an award winning heavyweight that is quickly becoming a California favorite. 

If you’ve got any questions regarding Clementine, or about any of the other strains we stock, feel free to get in touch with us any time. Otherwise, simply sign up to GreenRush and get Clementine delivered to any residential address in one our or less. What's more, use the promo code below and get $20 off your first four orders!

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