Get Your Rainbow On This Pride With These 7 Colorful Cannabis Products

by greenrush
colorful cannabis

Pride Month is undoubtedly one of the most colorful on the calendar. Summer is almost upon us and the streets are adorned with rainbows, love, equality and the celebration of individuality. This Pride, before you go stepping out into any parades, make sure you’re well equipped with some of the most colorful cannabis products on the market!


FlavRx Rainbow Belts

colorful cannabis

These FlavRx Rainbow Belts are definitely one way to taste the rainbow! What could be more Pride-appropriate than these cannabis-infused rainbow gummies? Each pack of FlavRx Rainbow Belts comes loaded with 100 mg of THC, more than enough to keep you and your friends sufficiently lifted while you attend some Pride parties.


Rainbow Crush

colorful cannabis

This rainbow strain gets its name because of the wide array of colors it displays during flowering. It’s also the perfect citrusy hybrid for socializing with friends and celebrating all things colorful. Jenny’s in Bend, Oregon stocks a very potent Rainbow Crush, at over 24% THC. So be careful when it comes to smoking this particular rainbow; it’s powerful stuff!


OG Kush Distillate

colorful cannabis

OG Kush is good any time of the year, however, this particular distillate pod comes in a Pride-appropriate rainbow candy flavor. Distillates are one of the purest forms of cannabis you can find and this OG Kush Distillate from New Age Care Center is known for its purity. New Age Care Center is located in Los Angeles, which is home to one of America’s largest Pride parades so you can let your colors shine this Pride month with some truly colorful cannabis.


Rainbow Sorbet Pride Gummies

colorful cannabis

Mankind Cooperative in San Diego, California is stocking this limited edition cannabis candy specifically for Pride. Rainbow Sorbet Pride Gummies are made in the Bay Area from locally grown cannabis. Each tin contains 100mg of THC, so be sure to share with your friends while you’re enjoying yourself this Pride. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of these gummies is being donated to The Trevor Foundation, a confidential suicide hotline for LGBTQ youth. So if you want some colorful cannabis this Pride month whilst supporting the LGBTQ community, these gummies are for you!


Reckless Rainbow PAX Era Pod

colorful cannabis

If you don’t own a PAX Era vaporizer already, it’s probably about time you did. This vape is very nifty, making it the perfect gadget for wandering around street parties this Pride month. The solventless distillate in this PAX pod comes in at 87% THC, so consume with caution. Reckless Rainbow is well known for its uplifting, creative high, and is the perfect match for this month’s Pride festivities.


Rainbow Sour Belts

colorful cannabis

These Rainbow Sour Belts are deliciously sweet and sour and, of course, exploding with color. Cookies in Los Angeles are proud to stock these belts this Pride month, meaning you and your friends have no excuse not to celebrate Pride in style. Each packet contains 300mg of sativa THC so don’t eat these all in one go.


Rainbow Worms

colorful cannabis

There’s no rainbow candy more iconic than the rainbow worm, making these cannabis-infused Rainbow Worms that perfect addition to your Pride festivities this month. Dance your way to The Marijuana Factory in Los Angeles to get your hands on these colorful cannabis treats before heading to a Pride event or parade. Each packet contains 100mg of THC and each piece contains 10mg of THC. Remember the golden rule of edibles; go slow, and you’ll be sure to live your best life this Pride month.


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