Dogs And Weed: Why You Should Never Get Your Dog High

by greenrush
dogs and weed

I love getting high, so why wouldn’t my dog! Right? Unfortunately, wrong. Like a lot of things on this planet that human beings love - such as garlic and chocolate - weed can be toxic to dogs. While you might have good intentions when dosing your dog, you’re not actually doing them any favors. Dogs and humans are best friends, but dogs and weed simply are not.


You’re probably asking why there are so many people giving CBD treats to their pets then. The answer rests in the cannabinoid that they are being fed. While your dog can respond well to CBD, that’s not the truth for THC. If you’re not yet convinced, keep reading through this article. We’re going to outline how marijuana is different for dogs than it is for humans, and what to do if your dog accidentally gets into your stash.


What are the different ways a dog can ingest weed?

dogs and weed

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You’d be hard-pressed to find your dog sitting at the table with your bag of weed, smoking a joint. But that doesn’t mean they can’t get high from the smoke. Dogs can absolutely ingest cannabinoids through second-hand smoke - like when you’re smoking weed with your dog in the room. This is probably the least dangerous way for your dog to get high because as we’ll soon find out, things can get much worse.


The most common way a dog owner might find out that their precious pooch is about to be super stoned is when there’s no explanation for where all of those brownies went! Yes - dogs will eat basically anything at least once. So if you have been leaving edibles lying around, you can basically be certain that your dog is the cookie thief. This is the easiest way for your dog and weed to accidentally get acquainted.


Finally, dogs can also get ingest weed by eating the raw leaves and buds. I wouldn’t put it past a dog to have a sniff and a taste if for some reason your bag of weed is on the floor. But it’s probably the least likely reason that you’re going to be dealing with a stoned pup.


How weed is different for dogs than humans, and why you should never get your dog high

dogs and weed

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When a human smokes weed or ingests a top shelf, high THC edible, the results can be pure bliss. But think about it. A dog’s body weight is one-tenth of a human’s. It also has no idea what’s going on when it consumes a psychoactive. It didn’t even consciously agree to get “stoned” (as far as we can assume). Now, imagine you’re casually going about your day, and someone gives you a weed brownie without actually telling you it’s a weed brownie. Wouldn’t that be alarming?


There is a lot of controversy in the scientific community about whether cannabis is actually lethal for dogs, however, there’s no doubt that THC can have a negative effect on man’s best friend. While your dog might not die of a THC overdose, there have been numerous cases of dogs indirectly dying from THC ingestion. A stoned dog’s symptoms include: panting, lethargy, drooling both saliva and urine and overreaction to stimuli. Your dog might even experience abnormal heart rhythms and it is common for the blood pressure to drop to dangerously low levels, so low that some dogs have entered comas after high doses of THC.


To put it simply, being stoned isn’t fun for a dog. Dogs and weed just don’t have that kind of relationship. Your dog can also get poisoned by some of the other things that we love to put in edibles - such as chocolate! Severe toxicity most often happens at the hands of other edible ingredients: nuts, chocolate, and raisins, for example.


Did you know dogs can even experience anxiety and paranoia after consuming high THC content weed? Actually, that’s probably the only similarity between the human and dog cannabis experiences! They show this by excessive panting and pacing around, and also an overreaction to light and sound.


What to do if your dog has ingested weed

dogs and weed

If your dog has ingested weed, the obvious thing to do is to take them to the vet. Dogs and weed are a dangerous combination that most pup owners probably aren’t equipped to deal with. So don’t take any risks and take your pooch straight to the vet if you suspect that they’ve been in your edibles tray.


Don’t be nervous, shy or ashamed to tell the vet why you’re really there! There’s no need to play dumb with the vet, and you can get things done much faster if you’re honest from the beginning. A vet is not a police officer and he or she cannot arrest you. They just want to make sure your dog gets better.


Remember, when dogs and weed are in the same vicinity, be responsible and mindful. Don’t keep your edibles anywhere where you think they might get to them, and avoid a stoned and somewhat shameful trip to the vet.


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