Dr. Oz Defends Cannabis on National TV

by greenrush
dr oz

One of the nation's most prominent doctors was seen defending cannabis on live TV. Dr. Mehmet Oz, or just 'Dr. Oz', has claimed that cannabis does not deserve to be called a gateway drug. He believes it can serve as an 'exit drug' for those suffering from opioid addiction.


Dr. Oz appeared on Fox News on Tuesday morning with a scathing response to marijuana opponents. He said, "people think it's a gateway drug to narcotics. It may be the exit drug to get us out of the narcotic epidemic."


More importantly, Dr. Oz drew attention to the fact that cannabis is still a Schedule 1 drug under the federal government. This makes it very hard for researchers to get a handle on the benefits of cannabis.


Dr. Oz has proved to be a cannabis supporter in the past. In 2015, he spoke about cannabis as a safer alternative to opioids as pain relievers, prescription or otherwise.


Last week, California became the first state to formally request that the federal government make a change to the scheduling of cannabis. With the stigma surrounding cannabis already being challenged, could this be the beginning of a change being made within the federal government?


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