Watch This Drone Smuggling Drugs Into A UK Prison

by greenrush
drone smuggling

CCTV cameras recently caught a drone smuggling drugs into Pentonville Prison in the UK and a street-clothed detective trying to stop it.


The detective was in the middle of investigating a different drone smuggling incident that had occurred at the prison (ironic, we know) when he noticed the flying machine above with a single piece of string attached to its underside. The agent got out of his car and pulled on the string, bringing the entire drone crashing back down to earth.


The officer was part of an operation aptly named 'Operation Airborne' who were tasked with preventing drones from getting into the prison. It seems like they're doing their job well.


The Evening Standard reported that the drone had been carrying 118 grams of weed, two cell phones and 71.7 grams of a psychoactive substance wrapped in a black plastic bag.


Cannabis is still illegal in the UK.


DNA found on the drone led police to 21-year-old pharmacology student Charlie Adifiyi. They subsequently searched his home in Islington and found an additional 476 grams of the same psychoactive substance found with the drone.


Adifiyi has been sentenced to three years in prison for attempting to smuggle the black bag to his brother who was serving time in Pentonville for drug offenses.


Drones have added a layer of complexity to law enforcement's attempts to stop prohibited items being smuggled into prisons. But there has also been debate as to the role of drones within the wider cannabis community.


Here in the US, where various states have legalized marijuana either medically or legally, there have been questions as to the role of drones in cannabis delivery. How cool would it be to order through greenRush and receive your cannabis via drone?


While we don't condone drones for the purpose of smuggling, there may be room for them in the legal cannabis industry in the future.


Watch the CCTV footage here:


So, we don't have drones yet, but weed delivery is still awesome!


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