Federal Cannabis Laws Tested By Man With 3,100 lbs Of Weed In Truck

by greenrush
federal cannabis laws


Remember the iconic weed truck Cheech and Chong drove in? Well, one man on the wrong side of federal cannabis laws in Mesa County gave the duo a run for their money over the weekend when he got pulled over by police after they smelt an "overwhelming" odor.


On Saturday afternoon a Mesa County officer pulled up behind a white van on his shift. He was instantly hit with the overwhelming smell of cannabis through his open windows. The truck had been speeding and as he approached the truck, the smell intensified. Naturally, the cop asked the driver, 53-year-old California native Sinh Chan Hoang, if he was in possession of any marijuana.


Hoang responded honestly (kind of) with "yes, just a little."


After showing the cop the "little" weed he had stored in a big black bag, Hoang reiterated, "it's just a little, I can throw it out."


Well, "just a little" turned out to be 3,100 lbs of marijuana, the largest amount any deputy in that office had seen in a long time, if ever.


It's assumed the weed was going to California as that is where Hoang is from but crossing state lines with that much pot is bound to get you in a whole lot of trouble.

federal cannabis laws


Hoang and his passenger are currently being held on a $100,000 cash only bond.


The incident that took place over the weekend serves as a reminder of the divide between state laws and federal cannabis laws. It seems that as long as cannabis remains illegal at the federal level, we're going to see people like Hoang getting into serious trouble.


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