First Texas Cannabis Dispensary Set To Open This December

by greenrush
texas cannabis dispensary

Texas is moving up in the world. The quiet town of Schulenburg, located halfway between San Antonio and Houston, is set to become home to the first Texas cannabis dispensary.


The town of Schulenburg is an homage to German culture and has a population of around 3,000 people. It's home to the Texas Polka Music Museum. And now to a dispensary as well.


Knox Medical is the name of the Texas cannabis dispensary that is set to open this December after receiving its state license this summer. The owner, Jose Hidalgo chose the location because of its proximity to both San Antonio and Houston as well as the availability of land in the area. He plans to use it for his grow operation which will be located on the same site as the dispensary.


There have been mixed opinions from residents regarding the opening of the dispensary, however, the majority of people have refrained from commenting. Local business owners are excited for the opening, hoping Knox Medical will bring more traffic and business for everyone. There's also the possibility that the new dispensary will bring in more jobs for the population of Schulenburg as well as boost the local economy.


Back in 2015, Texas legalized medical cannabis but only for a short list of conditions. The state only legalized growing, producing and selling a specific type of cannabis oil through The Texas Compassionate Use Act. Any oil produced must be low in THC and high in CBD.


Sales and deliveries from Knox Medical are scheduled to begin by the end of the year, however, it is likely patients won't be able to place orders until January 2018 due to slow licensing processes.


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