How To Grow A Weed Plant Outdoors

by greenrush

Most cannabis users have toyed with the idea of growing their own plants but are often put off by the cost of an indoor setup and the time it takes to manage a garden.

However, growing cannabis outdoors can actually be really easy. Read on for simple instructions on how to grow a weed plant outdoors and remember to sign up to greenRush to get cannabis delivered today.

Climate, Location, And Strain

Before you start, it is important to set up your outdoor cannabis garden, and consider the following steps:

  • Climate: Cannabis isn’t invincible and can suffer from extreme weather conditions. Most varieties grow well in temperate Mediterranean climates. Avoid growing in areas subject to extreme temperatures (above 86°F or below 55°F) or exceptionally strong winds or rain.
  • Location: A nice sunny spot, like a garden, terrace, patio, or balcony is all you need. Your plant should receive at least 6 hours of direct sunlight (preferably during midday). Try to opt for an area that offers your plants at least some protection from harsh winds or rain (if applicable to your area).
  • Strain: Stick to strains suitable for outdoor growing and that’ll flourish in your local climate Most of this information is available from seed companies, grow shops, or our blog.

Start In Spring

Remember, cannabis is a photoperiod plant, meaning it flowers based on the amount of light it receives (except auto-flowering varieties, which flower based on age).

Hence, cannabis plants usually grow throughout the summer and begin flowering at the end of summer/beginning of fall when the days get shorter.

The cannabis grow period is generally broken down into 3 different stages:

  • Seedling phase: Usually lasts about 2 weeks, beginning from when the seeds sprout.
  • Vegetative phase: The stage when plants grow physically and develop bud sites. Can last anywhere from a few weeks to months, depending on when you decide to start growing.
  • Flowering phase: When plants stop growing and focus on developing buds. Duration varies from strain to strain, lasting anywhere from 6 to 12+ weeks.

When you start your grow is up to you. Some growers like to get an early start, allowing their plants more time in the vegetative phase. Others get a late start, leaving their plants to grow for only about 4 weeks before they begin flowering.

For beginner growers, we recommend starting your grow in late spring. If you’re growing your seeds, germinate them indoors in a big pot and let them grow for about 3 weeks.

Then, slowly begin acclimatizing them to the outdoor temperatures before moving them outdoors completely. Skip this step and you risk seriously shocking your plants, potentially stunting their growth and reducing your yields.

Prep Your Garden

While your seedlings are developing indoors, it's important you prepare your outdoor garden. This will ensure the plants have plenty of nutrients once they’re moved outside.

Most outdoor growers grow in raised garden beds, while others like to use big pots. You can also grow directly in the ground, but you’ll want to make sure the soil you're working with is rich in nutrients.

Cannabis needs 3 main nutrients to grow:

- Nitrogen
- Potassium
- Phosphorous

You’ll want to make sure your soil is rich in all of these components throughout the entire time you’re growing. Potassium and phosphorous are particularly important during the flowering phase.

If you plan to grow straight in the ground, start by digging a nice big hole for your plant. You can then fill the hole with store bought soil or work with the soil you dug up from your garden.

If you choose the latter, we suggest mixing in plenty of natural fertilizers to really enhance the quality of your soil. Some great natural additives you can add to your garden include:
- Manure
- Compost
- Worm castings
- Blood, bone, fish, or kelp meal
- Bat guano

If you want to keep your costs at a minimum and go for a really organic growing method, we suggest preparing compost in your garden in advance. Composting is super simple and is a great, cost-effective way of creating high-quality soil for your plants.

Move Your Plants Outdoors

Once you’ve prepped your grow space and your indoor seedlings are nice and strong, it's time to move them outside.

Start by digging a well inside your soil big enough to fit the plant’s entire root system. Then take your plant out of its container, gently separate its roots a little, pop it in the soil and cover it.

Avoid packing the soil too tightly. Water your plant after transplanting and do not water them again until the soil is dry.

Let It Grow!

Once your plant is in the soil, it's time to let it grow. Sure, there are countless articles that go into intricate details about how to micromanage your plants, but many outdoor growers get great results by just letting nature do its thing.

Just make sure to check up on your plants regularly and ensure they have plenty of nutrients (fertilize about 1 a week) and water (only water when the soil is dry).

Also be sure to prune your plants during their vegetative phase, removing any dead plant material. If you want to train your plant to grow a specific way, check back with us soon for more detailed articles on different cannabis training techniques.

Remember, cannabis is a resilient plant and does not necessarily need to be micromanaged.

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