Halloween Fun With Cannabis in San Jose

by Jessica
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Spooky season is here at last! For cannabis lovers in San Jose and the Bay Area in general, it’s the perfect opportunity to make Halloween more high and haunted than ever. For those looking for cannabis delivery near me, indulge in the spirit of magic and mystery with a delivery from greenrush.

Cannabis is a fun way to enhance the experience and high-ten your senses on the spookiest night of the year. If you’re a cannabis lover wanting to go green this Halloween, here is our guide to a mystical night out in the Bay Area.

Start with Cannabis Delivery Near Me to Get Your Treats Before Tricks

Before you head out on your paranormal adventure, treat yourself to an edible to enchant your mind and bewitch your senses.

If you’re going out partying or exploring a haunted house, chances are you’re looking for a more energetic head-high rather than a couch-lock body stone. Opt for a sativa strain that will put you in a social, uplifting mood with strong cerebral effects to get you in the mood for a spine-chilling night. 

Edibles are perfect for the occasion because you can take a nibble in public where smoking cannabis isn’t allowed. Plus the high will last longer and be more intense than smoking. And who can resist a sweet treat on Halloween?

We’d suggest Kiva’s Blood Orange Chills & Thrills gummies to awaken your inner thrill-seeker and leave you wanting to howl at the moon. Get in touch with your WYLD side with these sativa Raspberry Gummies designed to optimize creative energy and get you in the mood for an expedition.

Sneak some chocolatey indulgence with Kiva’s Espresso Dark Chocolate Terra Bites. These espresso beans smothered in chocolate deliver a caffeine kick as well as a THC lift.

A word of warning: We know they’re delicious, but don’t eat all your edibles at once. Paranoia can be a side effect of taking too much cannabis, and that’s not ideal on the spookiest night of the year when your haunted house or horror experience could quickly become overwhelming. Remember to play within your limits when dosing up for your Hallo-weed adventure!

Once your spirits are raised and your senses heightened, the next step is to head out on an occult adventure.

Head to San Jose’s Spookiest Spot

Winchester Mystery House

One of the best places to indulge in some ghostly goodness is the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose. 

This sprawling mansion will transport you back to the 1900s. Expect a few goosebumps as you learn the truly chilling backstory of Sarah. She was a mysterious woman who built the massive maze-like home after tragedy struck her family.

Book your spot on their All Hallow’s Eve experience and you’ll be guided on a paranormal investigation through the house. The Winchester House has been the site of unexplained phenomena that even master magicians and mediums can’t demystify.

If you still have your wits about you, follow in the footsteps of famous illusionist and escape artist, Houdini. He visited Winchester House in 1924 but left with more questions than answers. You will be locked in a room for 30 minutes to solve puzzles and search for clues in time to escape.

Take the fear factor down a notch on a stroll through the Victorian gardens. The area is lit up with hundreds of glowing jack o’ lanterns. 

Wandering the gardens is a great opportunity to dig into your edible stash if you feel your high ebbing. Alternatively, take a rip from a vape loaded with something potent and relaxing. A good option is the Tokyo Green Goddess from Sublime, which will calm anxiety and induce a euphoric high.

Get Ghostly in San Francisco 

First, start with a quick search for “cannabis delivery near me.” Then, it’s time for a ooky-spooky night of fun.

No magic tricks and illusions here—just a historically accurate and deeply disturbing walking ghost tour of SF’s City Hall premises. 

The creep factor is intensified when you realize that City Hall is built on a graveyard. Staff members will be present to share stories of their mysterious personal encounters and paranormal experiences. 

This walking tour is free, but you may need a strong indica to get to sleep afterward!

Dress Up and Dance the Night Away

If your idea of a thrilling Halloween involves an impressive outfit and a night out on the town, SF has you covered. 

There are all manner of wild and weird events lined up. May we suggest the Crawloween Pub Crawl, a Pirates of the Caribbean yacht party out in the Bay, and even a Titanic masquerade cruise? Check out the Bay Area's party listing if a night of hard partying sends chills down your spine.

The Bay Area is the perfect place to indulge your imagination this Halloween, with the help of some green goods to intensify the experience. After you've searched for "cannabis delivery near me" and settled on the goods from Green Rush you'll be feeling stoned and spooky this October. Happy Hallo-weed!