A History Of Hippie Hill

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hippie hill

Thousands of marijuana enthusiasts gather together on April 20th every year to celebrate their love for cannabis. This year, greenRush is proud to present San Francisco’s premier 4/20 event, Hippie Hill 2018, featuring the 2nd annual Bud Drop. Hippie Hill has long been a gathering place for those dedicated to the counterculture, but what is the history of this iconic event and location?  

Where exactly is Hippie Hill?

hippie hill

Hippie Hill is a legendary patch of grass located on the grounds of Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, California. This west coast public park was originally inspired by the spacious Central Park in New York, but Golden Gate Park ended up bigger and with a lifestyle that showcases the local culture of San Francisco. You'll find the gently sloping lawn located east of the Golden Gate Park tennis courts, just off of Kezar Drive, overlooking the beautiful Sharon Meadow (recently renamed to Robin Williams meadow), with tall coastal redwoods, eucalyptus and pine trees flanking either side. For most of the year, Hippie Hill is an easily accessible part of the park, however, when 4/20 rolls around, this historic patch of grass turns into the Bay Area’s most well known and attended 4/20 event.


1967 and the Summer of Love


At the epicenter of the Summer of Love in 1967, was Haight Street. The Summer of Love was a social phenomenon that made San Francisco the most publicized location for hippie subculture at the time. The hippies who were in this movement promoted a lifestyle that embraced music, art, nature and spiritual enlightenment. Over 100,000 people flooded onto Haight street to experience the Summer of Love celebrations, which ended up overflowing onto the lush grasses of Golden Gate Park, most notably at Hippie Hill. This beautiful outdoor public space was a huge part of a developing culture and is still being used today to celebrate 4/20 and other, more traditionally counterculture events.


The Culture of Hippie Hill

hippie hill

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During this time of cultural openness, people embraced life at Hippie Hill through activities like playing live music, along with the open consumption of marijuana, LSD and other drugs. Even though smoking is illegal in the park, police have been known to turn a blind eye on days of fun recreational events.


Legendary musicians such as Janis Joplin, Jefferson Airplane, and The Grateful Dead all played free shows during the Summer of Love which helped cement the area as a musical and cultural hub. Since then, San Francisco has continued to produce many talented artists and musicians.


Over the years, area residents have complained about things like panhandling, excess litter, overt sexuality, and even nude dancing. As fun as all that sounds (don’t litter though people, the earth is precious), a structure has since been implemented to ensure everyone is safe during future events. So, what is it like at Hippie Hill today?


Hippie Hill Today

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Drum circles still pop up on the weekends in the grassy area of the park, inspired by the African conga drumming from the original Hippie Hill. The hippie vibes linger and grow stronger as the authorities continue to turn a blind eye to the activities that happen on the hill.


For many 420 events in San Francisco, Hippie Hill has become one of the most well-known locations to celebrate the love of cannabis and other recreational drugs.


Now that California has legalized the use of cannabis for adult consumption, this year’s 4/20 event is set to be the biggest and best yet. American culture is shifting and more and more people are in favor of marijuana legalization than ever before.

hippie hill

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Tens of thousands of people are expected to attend 4/20 at Hippie Hill this year. Event organizers are asking that people pre-register online at www.greenRush.com/HippieHill to help keep the event safe and fun to attend.  Attendees must be 18 years of age or older to enter the event, however, in the spirit of the event, attendance remains free.


Online pre-registration opened on April 12th and will remain open until 5pm PST on Friday, April 20th. To pre-register for attendance to greenRush.com presents 4/20 at Hippie Hill 2018, attendees can simply go to www.greenRush.com/HippieHill, enter your name as it appears on your state-issued ID, email address and date of birth. Attendees can opt-in to email and text alerts to receive up-to-date notifications on all greenRush.com presents 4/20 at Hippie Hill 2018 event news.


As a thank you, greenRush.com is giving the first 5,000 people to pre-register their attendance at www.greenRush.com/HippieHill a free, limited-edition 4/20 at Hippie Hill 2018 commemorative t-shirt. The next 10,000 people to pre-register their attendance at www.greenRush.com/HippieHill will receive a free, limited-edition 4/20 at Hippie Hill 2018 commemorative lanyard. Patrons must be 18 years of age or older to qualify for promotions and attend the event. Promotions provided by presenting sponsor, greenRush.com.


More details about the event and promotions will be announced soon, but in the meantime, additional event information can be found on 420HippieHill.com.


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