How To Make Cannabis Massage Oil

by greenrush
cannabis massage oil

Receiving a back or shoulder massage can be a special treat after a long week or a necessary step to injury recovery or treating chronic pain. Not to mention, massages feel incredible! Using the right massage oil can make all the difference in muscle relaxation and pain relief. People are increasingly turning to cannabis massage oil to increase the effectiveness of their massage and now, you can too. This article will show you how to make your very own homemade cannabis massage oil as well as the benefits of using a cannabis-derived oil.



What Are The Benefits Of Cannabis Massage Oil?


Cannabis oil is most often derived from cannabidiol (CBD) which is one of the non-psychoactive cannabinoids found in marijuana. Oil infused with CBD is often recommended for individuals with epilepsy, chronic pain, and to reduce anxiety (among a number of other ailments).


CBD oil can be applied directly to the skin, either at an affected area  or a general location when treating non-localized issues like anxiety or helping to quit smoking. CBD oil is usually used sparingly which makes it difficult to use it as a massage oil. However, when turned into a cannabis massage oil, CBD can be massaged into the skin more easily and can cover a larger area of the skin.


Some individuals with chronic pain or frequent muscle issues are often required to perform small massages on affected areas in addition to receiving professional or medical massages. CBD has been shown to reduce inflammation at the site of pain after binding with specific cannabinoid receptors. Using CBD massage oil for pain helps to combine the benefits of CBD with those of a massage.


How To Make Cannabis Massage Oil

cannabis massage oil

Making cannabis-infused massage oil only requires a few ingredients and can be made in just a few minutes. The recipe here makes only a small amount of massage oil so you can experiment with ingredient combinations and amounts to find a massage oil that suits your needs. To make cannabis-infused massage oil, you will need:


- Bowl or glass measuring cup that is easy to pour from

- Small funnel

- Amber glass jar with eye dropper

- 1-2 ounces of sunflower oil

- 12-14 drops of essential oils

- A few drops of CBD oil


Using either an eye dropper or a steady hand, pour or drop each ingredient into the measuring cup or bowl. Swirl the ingredients together to mix. Uncap the amber glass jar and put the small funnel in the top. Gently pour the oils into the jar. You might want to use a small spatula to remove the leftover oil from the cup/bowl.


Put the cap on the amber jar, swirl or shake the bottle, and there you have it, your cannabis massage oil is ready to use! The amber color of the jar is important because it helps to preserve the oils for longer. Any darker colored glass jar will work just as well.


Personalizing Your Oil

cannabis massage oil

The best thing about creating cannabis massage oil at home is that it allows for experimentation. Sunflower oil is non-greasy, great for massages, and easy to find, however, massage therapists also use other types such as jojoba or almond oil. Each has its own qualities and uses so shop around, and find the best one for you.


In this recipe, essential oils are optional, however, they can provide additional benefits. Essential oils are antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and can help relax muscles. The type you choose depends on a few things like what benefits you are looking for and how you want to smell. Peppermint is known to promote energy, while lemon can help improve the immune system. We suggest doing a bit of research on the types and benefits, and maybe even mixing together different oils until you find your desired blend.


Finally, how much cannabis oil you add depends on what you intend to use the cannabis massage oil for and how strong you want it to be. For severe arthritis or targeted pain relief, you may want to add more drops. You can always dilute your oil by adjusting the ingredients to suit your needs and make larger batches when you find a good oil combination. Remember, if someone else is helping to apply the oil during a massage, they will be absorbing the cannabis as well.


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