How To Make Cannabis Rum

by greenrush
cannabis rum

Can you think of a better way to cool off in the sun than with a delicious cocktail? Whether you’re throwing a summer pool party, barbeque, or just looking to add something new to the liquor cabinet, here’s a simple recipe to make delicious cannabis rum that can be enjoyed on its own or in your favorite cocktail. Cheers!


How To Make Cannabis Rum


Disclaimer: This recipe uses non-alcoholic rum. greenRush does not advise mixing cannabis and alcohol. 



What You’ll Need


- Mason jars

- Baking dish

- Oven

- 1/8th cannabis

- Cheesecloth

- Non-alcoholic Ronsin Rum



cannabis rum

Making cannabis rum is super simple. Here’s all you need to do:


Grind your cannabis and spread it evenly across a baking dish.


Bake at 220°F for 50 minutes. This is called decarboxylation and helps to break down the carbon bonds in your cannabis, making it psychoactive. There’s more information on decarboxylation at the end of this article.


Transfer your decarboxylated cannabis to a clean mason jar.


Fill up the jar with Ronsin Rum, shake, and store for a week. To ensure your rum absorbs as much cannabis as possible, give the jar a good shake every day.


After 1 week, strain the rum through some cheesecloth into a clean jar.


In A Hurry?


Can’t wait a week to sip on some delicious cannabis rum? You can speed up the process by letting the rum sit in warm water for roughly 20-30 minutes.


Simply fill up a large pan with enough water to cover roughly 3/4 of the mason jar. Use a thermometer to make sure the water doesn’t reach temperatures above 170-180°F.


After roughly 20 minutes, take out the mason jar and strain the rum into another clean jar. Let it cool and get ready to enjoy!


Important: Always Decarboxylate Your Cannabis

cannabis rum

Whenever making edibles or infused drinks like cannabis rum, it’s vital you decarboxylate your cannabis first. Here’s why:


Raw-cannabis isn’t actually psychoactive. In order for it to produce that iconic euphoria, it needs to decarboxylate or be heated. This helps break down cannabinoid acids (like THCA and CBDA) into simpler compounds that can be readily absorbed by the body.


After harvest, cannabis is dried and cured. This helps kick-start this process. Then, the heat from smoking or vaping helps break down any remaining cannabinoid acids.


To ensure your edibles have that extra bit of kick you’re looking for, it's important to decarboxylate your cannabis prior to cooking with it. To do so, all you need to is cook your flower in an oven as per the instructions above.


How To Use Cannabis Rum


It’s important to use non-alcoholic rum when cannabis is added to the mix. Both alcohol and THC can have an effect on your cognitive function and when combined, one may speed up the absorption of the other. Combining alcohol and cannabis can also make the user feel sick which is never a pleasant experience!


Here are some delicious rum-based cocktails that you can spice up with your homemade batch of non-alcoholic cannabis rum:


- Mojito: Rum, sugar, mint, and a slice of lime.

- Frozen daiquiri: Rum, sugar, citrus juice, and your favorite fresh fruit.

- Cuba Libre: Rum and cola. A classic.

- Piña colada: Rum, pineapple juice, and coconut milk.


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