How To Make Cannabis Butter

by greenrush
cannabis butter

With all the changes happening to the way edible cannabis products are being packaged and sold in California, you may think, “I wish I could make my favorite stoney snack myself.” Before there were retail options for cannabis-infused foodstuffs, there was cannabis butter—and yes, you can definitely make it yourself! The process is simple, and the results will knock your socks off… or perhaps, knock you back onto the couch with one sock on, one sock off. Get yourself together, friend.



Learning how to make cannabis butter—or cannabutter, as it is commonly called—is as easy as watching our handy-dandy video guide. But if you’re a word-based learner, never fear! The first thing you are going to want to do is gather your goods.


Cannabutter Shopping List


- Quarter ounce cannabis—pick your favorite strain!
- One stick (½ cup) butter
- Cheesecloth (check the cooking accessories aisle at your grocery store)


You will also need a baking sheet, small saucepan, heat source, strainer, plastic wrap, and heat-resistant, non-plastic (glass is best) receptacle for your cannabis butter, so make sure to pick these things up if you don’t have them in your kitchen already.


A word to the wise: making cannabutter is a particularly fragrant process so please keep that in mind if you are trying to keep a low profile.




Preheat your oven to 240 degrees Fahrenheit. Grind your cannabis and spread it out evenly on the baking sheet before popping it into the oven for 30 to 40 minutes. Skipping this step—aka decarboxylation—in how to make cannabutter could cause you to miss out on some of the herb’s powers. Decarboxylation essentially heat activates your cannabis and gets it in prime position to make the dankest cannabutter you’ve ever had.




Now comes the easy—if a touch laboriously long—part of the process. Add one stick of butter, one cup of water, and your baked cannabis to the saucepan and simmer over low heat for five hours. Yes: five hours. Perfection takes time and patience, and the joys of cooking with cannabutter await. Make sure you add an additional half cup of water to the saucepan every 30 minutes to prevent burning the precious cannabutter.

cannabis butter



After your cannabutter has simmered and steeped for five hours, you’re ready for the cooldown (yes, that means more waiting). Line your strainer with cheesecloth and position it over a container. Slowly pour the cannabis butter into the container. Use a spoon to press out any extra liquid before wringing the cheesecloth with your hands to ensure no drop of sacred cannabutter gets left behind.


Allow your cannabutter to come to room temperature before covering with plastic wrap and sliding into the fridge for complete cooling. This can take anywhere between three and six hours.


Once completely cooled, the fat will have risen to the top and any green, bud-dy water will be below the cannabutter. Use a knife to gently remove the cannabutter from atop its watery pedestal, and you’ve done it! Congratulations.

cannabis butter



There are many ways to enjoy your homemade cannabutter. Baking with cannabutter can transform your next batch of chocolate chip cookies into something special. Use with marshmallow fluff and your favorite cereal to get sticky icky bars of fanciful delight (take that, new California cannabis product restrictions!). You can drop a dollop into your next sauce to fortify it in more ways than one, or you can try simply spreading it onto toast. Anything butter can do, cannabutter can do better.


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