How To Roll A Joint Like a Pro

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Give up the gadgets.  We’re going to get a little old school. While you might be more inclined to vape, dab or ingest your cannabis these days, there’s no beating a good old school joint. It’s the way your parents used to do it, after all. And here’s how you roll one. This is the only guide you’re going to ever need: Here’s how to roll a joint.


How to Roll a Joint


The Equipment

How to roll the perfect joint starts with your tools. If you don’t get quality products, you’re not going to roll quality joint. Therefore, before you learn how to roll a joint, you should first stock out your arsenal.


The first thing you’re going to need are good quality papers. You’re going to need king size ones, too, as the secret to the perfect joint is space – and lots of it. As an idea, consider Zig-Zag Orange Cigarette Papers; they’re extra long, gummed and tougher than your usual stuff.


A grinder is an oft-overlooked joint rolling essential. If your trying to roll the perfect joint, it’s no good simply picking apart your bud and dropped oversized clumps of cannabis randomly into your joint. You need to grind that green extra fine, and remember, no seeds, no stems, no sticks. Who are you to defy Snoop Dogg?

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A Flat Surface

While you might think that a flat surface doesn’t really count as a tool, you’d surprised how difficult these are to find when you need one. Therefore, it’s always best to have one to hand. The Raw King Size Papers Bundle has your back here: A handy little kit including some great papers perfect for joints and a handy, flat tablet to roll on.

A Carb

You’re going to need a carb, and you’re going to need it before you start rolling. You’re not going to want to scramble around for one when your paper’s packed, so get one to hand before you start. Anything papery will do, including business cards, train tickets or the inside of cigarette packs. Just make sure that the paper itself is not lacquered or dyed. You’re not going to want to inhale that.


How to Roll a Joint

OK, so you’ve got your kit, now you’ve got to roll. And here’s how you do just that: Here’s how to roll a joint.

GreenRush | proper weed etiquette

Open your Paper

Step one is simple: Hold your paper lengthwise with the sticky part running parallel to your index fingers. This should be the farthest part of the paper away from your body, with the dry part running parallel to your thumbs.

Put in the Carb

Now, slide in your carb. This should go in on the right side if you’re a lefty, on the left if you’re a righty. That’s easy to remember, right?

Sprinkle in your Filler

And by filler, we mean cannabis. Sprinkle that herb into your little paper boat and fill it up until it looks just shy of full. Seriously, take it from us, if your paper looks full, it’s too full.


Now is the tricky part. Using your thumbs and index fingers, gently roll both sides of the paper against one another. Think of it like rubbing your thumb up the length of your bent index finger – back and forth, until the joint's contents are suitably compact.


Once your weed is like a tight little sausage sitting in a paper boat, use your thumbs and index finger to tuck the non-adhesive side of the paper into and under the adhesive side. This will mean pushing the side of the paper nearest to you into the opposite wall. You want to curl the non-adhesive side forward and down until it cocoons your little cannabis sausage.


And now’s the easy part: Lick the adhesive side of the paper and roll it down over the joint. Do this slowly and in a controlled manner as you don’t want to end up with a baggy joint. Do this correctly and you’re done. Do this poorly and it’s time to start over.

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Like anything, how to roll a joint is a skill that takes practice. The more you do it, the better you’ll get at it. You’ll become the master of your own style and it’ll make your joints all the better.

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