How To Make A Watermelon Bong

by greenrush
watermelon bong

Although it may be difficult to believe right now—what with winter giving her death knells all across the North American continent—warmer weather is right around the corner. As the temperatures rise, exciting new ways to get high will present themselves to you and your crew. You’ll be smoking spliffs on cliffs, joints on cross-country road trip journeys, and dabs on decks of your dope Airbnb rental. Before you know it, you’ll be wandering around your local farmer’s market and thinking “what here could I turn into a bong?” Enter: the wild and wonderful watermelon bong!

A Cornucopia of Cannabis Fruit Vessels


Smoking weed out of fruit is nothing new. Using an apple pipe to get high is a time-honored stoner tradition (and a lifesaver if you’ve gone camping and forgotten to pack papers!), but perhaps you’re ready for a more elaborate setup. It could be that you’re looking for the perfect centerpiece for your adults-only backyard barbecue. Heck, you could just be bored on a Tuesday evening. Whatever your reason, learning how to make a homemade watermelon bong will bring you many blessings during the Spring and Summer.


Don’t let your mind be limited by this most rotund of fruits: principles used to make a watermelon bong could be applied to other fruits, too! Honeydew, pineapple, cantaloupe, and pumpkin all make viable substitutes for the watermelon depending on the season. Once you master the art of making a watermelon bong, the only thing stopping you is your imagination (and any potential allergies and aversions to certain fruit).

watermelon bong

What Weed Should I Smoke in a Watermelon Bong?


We’re not here to tell you how to live your life, but if you’d like some tender guidance, allow us to impart some flavor pairing knowledge to enhance your smoking experience. Citrusy strains will set you down a path of pure delight: a sunny sativa and high-THC hybrid treats like Lemon Tree or a tart sativa-heavy hybrid like Lemon Banana Sherbert are good places to start. Other fruity strains like Strawberry Cough or Golden Pineapple could be a good fit, too.


Avoid anything overtly skunky or heavy indica strains: the pungency of skunky strains will not play well with the sweetness of the watermelon-slush inside the bong, and indicas can easily put you down for the count... that isn’t the best way to behave during a summertime soiree, especially if you are the host!


Watermelon Bong Instructions

watermelon bong

People learn in different ways, and here at greenRush, we respect those differences. That’s why we’ve included a watermelon bong video (see above) alongside our written instructions. Use these tools in conjunction with each other to achieve maximum watermelon bong proficiency.


What You Will Need


- Watermelon: we use a smaller varietal, but if you feel like going big, don’t let us stop you!
- Slide and bowl combo from your nearest head shop (make sure the stem is long enough to reach down into the liquid chamber)
- Chef’s knife
- Scooping tool (we use an ice cream scooper, but if you use your hands, we won’t tell anyone)
- Blender
- Cannabis of your choice


The Method


First, cut off the top of the watermelon and set aside. Then, scoop out the juicy watermelon innards. Blend the scooped-out flesh of the watermelon. Set aside.


Make a hole for the stem and insert it into the watermelon. Pour in blended melon instead of water. Yum! Put the top of watermelon back on and cut a whole for inhalation in it.


Cut a hole to serve as a carb on the main part of the melon.


Finally, rip that watermelon bong!

watermelon bong

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