Pro-Marijuana Legalization Group Selling Jeff Sessions Rolling Papers

by greenrush
jeff sessions rolling papers

A pro-marijuana legalization group is now selling rolling papers with the face of Attorney General, Jeff Sessions on them. The Jeff Sessions rolling papers are intended to draw attention to the fact that smoking marijuana does not (contrary to Sessions' belief) make you a bad person.

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The group selling the Jeff Sessions rolling papers is called #JeffSesh (love it) and claim on their website that they are a campaign to tell Sessions, "we're not criminals, junkies or idiots. Regular Jeffs all over the country - good, responsible, patriotic Americans - have a sesh now and then... and it's OK!"


We couldn't have said it better ourselves.


"Every time you sesh with any brand of JeffSesh papers, you're helping keep the law moving forward - and not back to the Nixon era," the website goes on to say. "You're saying we've moved on, Jeff."


If you've been grinning the entire time you've been reading this, the Jeff Sessions rolling papers are readily available for purchase on the JeffSesh website as well as on Etsy. The papers come in two versions, a black box and a white box, both of which display Session's face on the box with a joint hanging out of his mouth. All you'll need is a mere $5 to get your hands on these awesome papers.


Jeff Sessions has long been an opponent of marijuana legalization in the United States. His campaign against cannabis has been a long one, however, he made headlines earlier this year when the Attorney General announced he is rescinding the Cole Memo that barred federal law enforcement organizations from interfering in legal marijuana affairs in states that have legalized weed. His announcement caused uncertainty within the cannabis industry and garnered severe backlash, both from within and outside his own party. As a result, various states pushed forward either their medical or legalization programs and many are going as far as to say that Session's move backfired. There have also been attempts at pushing through legislation to legalize marijuana on the federal level, once and for all.


Marijuana is currently legal in six states and the District of Columbia. At the beginning of this year, California legalized cannabis for recreational use and is set to become the largest market for marijuana in the country.


It remains unclear whether the money raised from the sale of the papers goes towards any kind of cannabis advocacy group, but wouldn't that just be the icing on the cake? Regardless, Jeff Sessions rolling papers honor a time old tradition of sticking it to the 'man' (literally). In any case, your next joint may be a little sweeter knowing you're pissing off Sessions in the process.