Calling All Marijuana Growers, It Might Be Time To Move To Scotland

by greenrush
marijuana growers

Marijuana growers, take note. There's a fully self-sufficient island for sale in Scotland and it's a grower's paradise.


Tanera Mòr is a 760-acre island located in the Summer Isles archipelago and it's officially on the market. The island is self-sufficient and completely off the grid. It even comes with a school, post office, nine cottages and a cafe. With rich, fertile soil, the land is perfect for growing cannabis. Bring your friends, bring your family, there's room for everyone!


Off the grid doesn't mean disconnected. The island already has 24-hour wind-generated electricity and broadband. There's also a freshwater treatment system already in place. Marijuana growers will have everything they need to power lights, water systems, and fans. You also don't have to worry about connecting to a government-owned grid or paying to use a private one.


Now, marijuana is still technically illegal in Scotland but think of the bigger picture. Paul Flynn recently commented that the entire world is leaning towards cannabis legalization so it's only a matter of time before the UK legalizes too. There's also the possibility that Scotland will hold another referendum, this time splitting from the UK entirely. Post-legalization, this island would become a moneymaker in terms of cannabis-tourism. Imagine turning that cafe into a dispensary, or even an edible haven.


And even if it takes a while for Scotland to legalize, you're on your own private, self-sustaining island, surrounded by water. The possibilities are endless.


So, how much does it cost?


To buy the whole island, you need to be in possession of just under £2 million (that's around 2.6 million American dollars). However, there is the option to buy the land in sections. The current owners have divided the land into three separate lots, costing £820,000, £700,000 and $430,000. You even get a beach with the cheapest one as well as two houses. It may sound like a lot, but when you think about the price of a suburban home these days, it puts things into perspective.


In case you're not sold yet, Scotland is beautiful!

marijuana growers

All benefits aside, the island is stunning. We can just image chilling on our own private beach taking in the beautiful countryside, thinking about the weed-infused dinner we're going to at the restaurant we just happen to own on our own private island.


With California growers in danger of losing their first legal harvest and barriers being put in place in U.S. cities, it might be time for marijuana growers to consider a change.


If anyone needs us, we'll just be checking our savings and booking flights.


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