6 Cannabis Products Perfect For Outside Lands

Summer in San Francisco would not be complete without Outside Lands, a world-class music and arts festival held in Golden Gate Park. Since 2008, Outside Lands SF has been delivering big-name musical acts, interactive art, eco-driven attractions, delicious booze, and scrumptious food—and this year they’ve added something greenRush readers will love to the festival lineup: Grass Lands.

Celebrating the statewide recreational legalization of cannabis in California earlier this year, Grass Lands offers a curated cannabis experience for festival-goers 21+. Attendees will be able to learn from budtenders, enjoy snacks, and interact with everyone’s favorite herbal remedy. It’s important to note, however, that—according to the Outside Lands website—“no cannabis or cannabis products will be available for purchase or consumption onsite at the festival.” Besides, public consumption is illegal in San Francisco—you cannot eat, drink, vape, or smoke cannabis anywhere in the city proper.

You can still enjoy the Outside Lands line up—which includes headliners The Weeknd, Florence and the Machine, and Janet Jackson, along with heavy hitters like Odesza, Tycho, Chromeo, and N.E.R.D (not to mention a speaking engagement by Bill Nye!) and make the most of your Outside Lands experience with these cannabis products before and after the festival!

Because you can’t bring in, purchase, or consume any cannabis at Outside Lands, it’s important to pregame properly. Equally important is being prepared for the post-festival comedown. We’ve got suggestions to help make your festival experience as uplifting and entertaining as possible from start to after its over.

Jetty Gold Cartridge 2 for $50 (normally $30 each)

outside lands


Get more bang for your buck with this special two-pack of Jetty Gold Cartridges. Normally $30 each, you can get this two-pack to satisfy your pre- and post-Outside Lands festival needs. The Super Lemon Haze cartridge hails from the legendary Humboldt County and provides 90% THC draws with long-lasting, cerebral, and sunshine sativa-driven hybrid vibes. Great to get your head in the game! After the festival, vape on the Do-Si-Dos cartridge: this Santa Cruz indica-heavy hybrid will bring your body and mind relief from days in the sun listening to loud music (don’t forget your earplugs, friends!).

Cosmo – 7 Pack Sativa Prerolls – Rollins

outside lands


Start the first day of the festival off with a little wake-and-bake with a 7 Pack of Rollins Sativa Prerolls from D. Cosmo. The potent 32.6% THC content could help uplift the mood of the whole crew before you all roll out to Outside Lands. Make sure to pass these pre-rolls around because their high THC percentage means that they’re incredibly strong! These lemony prerolls could also come in handy after the first night or two of the festival if there is a need to rage into the night.

Purple Viper OG

outside lands


Perhaps you’d like to kickstart your festival day by smoking a sativa-leaning strain, but the Rollins is too strong for your liking. Purple Viper OG from Humboldt Sky in Humboldt County will help uplift your brain waves without going too heavy into THC-induced psychoactivity. At 16.7% THC, Purple Viper OG’s bright, herbaceous terpenes will help you get your head in the game for a day full of festival activities.

Green Kandy Jack

outside lands


If you’ve made it through two days of festival attendance, your energy levels may be lower than you’d like… but you’ve bought the ticket, so it’s time to take the ride! Let Green Kandy Jack from Flow Kana in Mendocino County give you the boost you need. The Goldilocks of sativa-heavy hybrids, Green Kandy Jack registers 22.4% THC: not as much as the Rollins Prerolls but not as polite at the Purple Viper OG. Expect a boost of energy and concentration to get ready for another day of enjoying the festival!

Papa & Barkley 1:3 Releaf Balm

outside lands


Calm your barking feet, aching head, or throbbing back with the power of Papa & Barkley 1:3 Releaf Balm. Rub this THC-heavy topical treatment into your painful spots for relief from inflammation without the psychoactive effects that come from internal ingestion. This award-winning balm will come in handy after the first day of the festival and may help keep you feeling spry during your Outside Lands festival recovery process.

Kushy Punch 100mg Hybrid Gummy

outside lands


If a long weekend of having a good time has left you sore from the inside out, consider picking up a pack of Kushy Punch 100mg Hybrid Gummies for your festival recovery process. With a 1:1 THC:CBD ratio, the tropical flavors will help ease you back into the real world. Reclaim your mind-body balance when you relax and unwind with these trusted gummies. And, of course, if you want to snack on one of these treats before you head into Outside Lands San Francisco, no one’s going to stop you… but you may need to take a seat for a few of the performances!

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