British Man, Roger Boyd, Cycles 19,000 Miles Around The World, Totally High

by greenrush
roger boyd

One British man is working hard to beat the stoner stereotype. 37-year-old Roger Boyd from Bristol, England, has traveled 19,000 miles around the world, most of which while completely high.

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The ultra-fit super cyclist starts every day with a 20-mile warm-up ride, before taking giant tokes of marijuana and cycling for up to another 100 miles.


The Brit has been documenting his travels on his blog, There, he posts an array of thoughts and photos about his journey and the places and people he encounters along the way.


roger boyd

Image: SWSN


His entire journey was done on the same bike, which Boyd lovingly calls Rhino.


"It's so strong and has horns so I called it Rhino", he said.


Boyd chooses to vape while traveling, instead of using joints or blunts which, by nature, tend to draw more attention to the smoker.


"I've always loved getting out on my bike and doing exercise while stoned," he said.


"The idea for my cycling around the world adventure came to me one night but there wasn't much on the internet about vaping and exercise."


Roger Boyd also believes that the traditional 'stoner' stereotype isn't necessarily accurate.


"There is a negative perception about people who use cannabis compared to those who use alcohol but alcohol is more harmful - there's an imbalance there."


The debate on cannabis v alcohol has long been one of interest to the cannabis community. Many feel that laws surrounding cannabis, while sometimes progressive, do not offer the same freedoms as those surrounding the alcohol industry, despite a myriad of studies proving that alcohol is more damaging to the mind and body than marijuana. Most recently, advocacy groups in Canada have cited new legalization legislation as hypocritical due to the fact that branding, while welcomed in the alcohol industry, is being stripped down when it comes to cannabis.


When it comes to Roger Boyd, however, the cyclist is proving that you can do much more (at least on a bike) stoned than you can drunk.


"I'm perfectly lucid and safe when I ride - it just helps me eat up the miles."


roger boyd

Image: SWSN


Often, Roger will pedal 20 miles before stopping to take a few puffs on his vape. He then gets right back in the bike saddle and begins his next 20 miles.


"There are no limits to my daily amounts though," he noted, "of weed or distance."


Boyd's 19,000 miles were completed between August 2015 and September 2017 across Europe, India, Nepal, Australia and New Zealand.


He worked for nine years and saved intensely for two in order to complete his trip.


"Last time it was all self-funded. It'd be good to have some kind of sponsorship next time."