San Francisco Is Now Selling Recreational Marijuana

by greenrush
san francisco

Recreational marijuana is now being sold in San Francisco. Weed enthusiasts came from miles around and waited several hours to be among the first to purchase legal recreational weed in the city.


After receiving their licenses on Friday, six pot shops began selling recreational marijuana on Saturday. San Francisco has been late on the uptake when it comes to adult-use cannabis due to logistical issues.

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“It is a historic day,” said Dom Rea of San Francisco, who got in line at 4:20 a.m. “This is the only time this first day is happening.”


Enthusiasts weren’t the only ones celebrating either – dispensaries got in on the fun, by hosting ribbon ceremonies and offering special discounts to certain customers. One of the pot shops that received their license, Apothecarium, offered a 20% discount for people who brought their mothers to the opening.


Eliot Dobris, head of community outreach at Apothecarium, told the Associated Press the business wanted to show that dispensaries are "respectable places that you can be proud to bring your mom to."


What about federal involvement?


In true San Francisco style, marijuana enthusiasts are celebrating despite the threat of federal pushback following Jeff Sessions’ explosive announcement last week. On Thursday, the Attorney General rolled back an Obama-era policy that allowed legal marijuana to flourish in legal states without the threat of federal intervention.


Sessions’ actions effectively allow federal prosecutors to bring in marijuana cases, rather than prevent them from doing so.


When asked about whether last week’s events had overshadowed legalization in California, Kevin Johnson, director of operations at Grass Roots, told the AP, “it’s certainly a concern. It may be more difficult for us to do proper banking but when we opened up, George W. Bush was president and the DEA was doing raids on dispensaries. We’re in this for the long haul.”


Sessions’ has received tremendous backlash for his move against marijuana, both from politicians within and outside his own party. California politicians, among those in other legal states, have vowed to push back against the federal government if there is a crackdown.


For now, it seems, San Francisco can enjoy its newfound legal status.