These Are the Top Cannabis Strains in California Right Now

In the modern age of marijuana, there is no shortage of strains to choose from. And some of the world’s best genetics are coming straight from California. Remember when you had to travel all the way to Amsterdam just to score some decent bud? Since cannabis decriminalization began in the USA, Californian genetics have given the Dutch some serious competition. Indica, sativa, kush, diesel, cookies, cheese, the list is endless. The only downside is that when there are too many choices, it’s hard to make a decision. Knowing the top cannabis strains in California is a good place to start, so here they are!

Sour Diesel

top cannabis strains in california

This strain is so popular when it comes to California marijuana strains, just about every cannabis enthusiast has tried it – if not keeping a stash of it as a part of their survival kit. A sunny Californian day is better with a toke of Sour D. Hailing from the 90s, this strain is probably older than most of those who are enjoying it right now.

OG Kush

top cannabis strains in california

Now we are talking about the creme de la crop of genetics in the conversation of California cannabis. In fact, OG Kush hails as the parent of many other strains of marijuana (some of which have also made this list) purely because of its amazing genetic profile. I don’t know about you but I get excited every time someone pulls out a bag of OG, knowing a smile from ear to ear is about to dominate my face.

Green Crack

top cannabis strains in california

Yes, it’s crack for potheads. This strain is kind of hard to find outside the state of California, but due to the “it’s always sunny in California” climate, it’s pretty easy to grow here. There are a lot of weed enthusiasts who think this is some of the best pot in California, hence its name. This strain can measure in at over 20% THC, so puff responsibly, friends!

Girl Scout Cookies

top cannabis strains in california

Remember those OG Kush genetics we were talking about? Girl Scout Cookies is a much-loved strain whose mother is the OG and whose father is Durban Poison. When it comes to the top cannabis strains in California, this is probably one of the most often purchased strains of weed. Perhaps the strain gets its name from that deliciously tasty cookie-like scent that you get when you burn it. This strain has also been the winner of many Cannabis Cups, and for good reason!

Blue Dream

top cannabis strains in california

Blue Dream is arguably as legendary as OG Kush, but not for its genetics. Among consumers, it takes the cake as one of the best smokes. It is a sativa dominant hybrid that gives the full body relaxation of an indica. Now that sounds like a perfect day on the bay, doesn’t it? No wonder it’s one of the top cannabis strains in California. It gets its name for the sweet blueberry notes that it gets from its parent, Blueberry. Sometimes scoring as high as 24% THC, this strain is not for beginners.

Bubba Kush

top cannabis strains in california

This is the kind of strain that you would love if you’re the kind of stoner who takes one hit and spends the rest of the night awake watching millions of neurons fire in your brain. Bubba Kush is so relaxing, it’s basically a tranquilizer. Not up to the effects of something like Green Crack? Bubba Kush might help you drift off into a beautiful, dreamless sleep.

Skywalker OG

top cannabis strains in california

OG Kush must be one of the happiest parents in the world, right? Yes, this strain is yet again, another offspring of the OG, hailing Skywalker as its other parent. Nobody smokes Skywalker OG in order to get down to business and get things done. This strain is properly designed for traveling to other galaxies, far far away from this one. That’s probably why Californians love this strain so much. It has so many characteristic qualities of the kush, such as the strong aroma of jet fuel and that sweet euphoric high.

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