Trump's Drug Czar Nominee Tom Marino Abandons Ship

by greenrush
tom marino

Tom Morino, the primary candidate for President Donald Trump's drug czar nominee has revealed he no longer wishes to be considered for the position of Director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy.


In an early morning Twitter post, Trump announced that Marino "is withdrawing his name from consideration as drug czar" as well as calling him a "fine man and a great Congressman."


Why is Marino Dropping Out?


Marino's decision to jump ship before it goes down no doubt stems from a recent joint report from the Washington Post and 60 Minutes, which discovered that a piece of legislation, passed by Marino, has caused the nation's opioid crisis to spiral out of control. This new legislation has made it increasingly difficult for the DEA to control the pharmaceutical trade.


There are also reports of Marino, as well as other members of Congress, being in league with certain drug companies. It's been reported that they have been supporting legislation in favor of drug companies in return for payoffs while the population of the United States turns into drug-guzzling junkies.


Since the accusations came to light, several members of Congress have demanded that Marino steps down as a candidate for Trump's drug czar.


Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, of New York, was one of many to express his disdain for Marino as the head of the ONDCP.


"Confirming Rep. Marino as our nation's drug czar is like putting the wolf in charge of the henhouse," he said. "The American people deserve someone totally committed to fighting the opioid crisis, not someone who's labored on behalf of the drug industry."


More than 64,000 people died last year due to opioid overdose. Around half of those were the result of abuse and misuse of prescription painkillers. Marijuana advocates continue to question why such potentially dangerous drugs are legal and yet, the use of cannabis is still widely prohibited across the United States. In terms of medicinal benefits, it has been proven to be far more beneficial than many prescription drugs, with significantly lower harmful side effects. It begs the question as to whether we can trust America's next drug czar to have the nation's best interests at heart.


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