Vermont Just Legalized Weed

by greenrush

It’s official, as of January 22, 2018, weed is now legal in the state of Vermont. Today, Governor Phil Scott signed the legalization bill into law, officially making Vermont the ninth US state to legalize cannabis for both medical and recreational purposes.

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Beginning on July 1, adults living in Vermont will be able to possess up to one ounce of weed, as well as grow up to six plants.


Last week, greenRush reported that Vermont has passed a bill to legalize recreational marijuana. They did so entirely through the state legislature, the first state in the country to have done so. A mere week later, the governor of Vermont is expected to sign a weed legalization bill by Monday.


Although a cannabis retail plan has yet to be established, it is unlikely that Vermont will go without one, considering the precedent set by other states who have also legalized recreational marijuana.


Vermont has wasted no time at all in asserting its state’s rights in the wake of Jeff Sessions’ announcement earlier this month that he is rescinding the Obama-era policy that allowed legal weed to flourish. Under Obama, the Cole Memo prohibited federal authorities from intervening in affairs related to marijuana in states where it was legal.


Since Sessions’ announcement, a number of states and individual lawmakers have come together to oppose his decision. His announcement has brought members of opposite parties together under a common goal.


According to sources, the governor expects to sign the weed legalization bill by Monday. He has, reportedly, enlisted the help of a lawyer to go over the bill and make sure the language and specifications of the new potential law are of a high enough standard that he can sign it with a clear conscious. Once the bill is signed, amendments are expected to follow to include further aspects of a cannabis industry within the state.


For weed lovers in the state, it could be time to start celebrating. If all goes to plan, weed could be available in the state by summertime!