CBD Weekly – What is CBD?

by greenrush

Cannabidiol, or CBD for short, is a chemical compound that’s found in the trichomes of the female marijuana plant. It’s one of over 100 different cannabinoids that react with the human endocannabinoid system and can help treat a multitude of conditions, from schizophrenia to epilepsy. A non-psychoactive cannabinoid, CBD’s effects are not comparable with those of THC – the psychoactive component of cannabis that gets people "high". Lost already? Don’t worry. We’ve broken the science down. This is CBD. And this is exactly why you should take notice.

What is CBD?


In a nut shell, cannabidiol is simply just another of the numerous elements present in the female marijuana plant. There are over 113 active cannabinoids present in the cannabis plant. Every time a user inhales or ingests weed, these more than 113 identified cannabinoids go swimming around your body causing all sorts of symptoms. THC travels directly to the brain, reacting with a specific set of cannabinoid receptors (your CB1 receptors) producing the "high", while CBD targets cannabinoid receptors found primarily in your immune system – your CB2 receptors. This is one of several reasons why you don’t experience an intense "high" when administering CBD only strains of cannabis.

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CBD versus THC

Due to CBD’s non-psychoactive properties, CBD is a perfect alternative to conventional cannabis strains. What’s more, CBD is the anti-thesis to THC; it’s a leveler, a diminisher and a mirror clone when it comes to the psychoactive component in cannabis. What this means is simple: CBD counteracts the effects of THC on the human brain and can restore homeostasis in the mind. If you were to treat anxiety and depression with high THC cannabis, too much could make the situation worse. You may become paranoid, more anxious and feel even more helpless. CBD, while working to rebalance these effects, can stop them occurring altogether.

CBD as Medicine

The fact that CBD has minimal side effects, then, solidifies its place in the medical canon. Doctors love a drug that does nothing but what it’s intended to, and this extra perk makes it a viable treatment for applicable ailments in children.

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Conditions CBD can Treat

Compiling a comprehensive list of ailments CBD can help treat is (as of 2016) impossible. As cannabis’ medical reputation continues to grow and legalization leaks ever deeper into the legislative process, the number of medical trials is growing by the day. A few prominent studies have confirmed its efficacy against a number of ailments including the following:

- Cancer
- Diabetes
- Lupus
- Motor disorders
- Nicotine addiction
-  Parkinson’s Disease
- Chronic and neuropathic pain
- Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
- Osteoporosis

High CBD Strains

As CBD continues to garner more and more praise in the medical community, growers are shifting their efforts to produce higher CBD, lower THC strains. Several of these are already on the market and are available at your local dispensary or for delivery in an or less through GreenRush.com. A few noteworthy strains include:

Dance World

The brainchild of Royal Queen Seeds, a Spanish-based seed creator, Dance World is one of the most popular high CBD cannabis strains out there at the moment. Its genetics are mainly sativa, with parent strains Dancehall and Juanita La Lagrimosa combining to give Dance World its inherent uplifting mood-boosting qualities.


Harlequin is another sativa dominant hybrid bred specifically for its medicinal qualities. It’s CBD to THC ratio is roughly 5:2, with around 4% THC. This blend makes it the perfect strain for the treatment of pain or anxiety, while its sativa make-up will leave a long-lasting feeling of alertness and energy.


Cannatonic was developed by Resin Seeds in their search for a great all-around medical cannabis strain with a balanced cannabinoid profile. This sativa-scented bud clocks in at 0-14% THC and 0-23% CBD, and was one of the first strains to pack high levels of both essential cannabinoids.


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