Atomik 420

Atomik 420

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Take your high to the next level

We at Atomik invite patients and consumers to “Take your high to the next level” with our extremely potent Moon Rocks. These marijuana meteorites start as private reserve flowers that we infuse with wax hash oil or both, then coat with a layer of high-grade keif ice water hash and/or top-shelf wax. All this infusion and attention results in dense nuggets that deliver THC content upwards of 55%. We also produce a CBD line of Moon Rocks that pushes CBD content to over 40%. Our goal is to deliver affordable high-potency medications that are the cleanest and strongest marijuana products on the market. Treat yourself to a higher-high with Atomik Moon Rocks. They’re big medicine.

When you think of Moon Rocks, you think of Atomik 420. Moon Rocks and Atomik 420 are synonymous. Delivering high-potency marijuana medicine that is both clean, strong, and affordable is the mission at Atomik 420. The highs are higher, the flavors more flavorful, the experiences out of this world with Atomik 420 Moon Rocks!

You have probably heard of the lore surrounding Atomik 420.   For the uninitiated, in 2013 Atomik 420’s team of California Marijuana Scientists unexpectedly and inexplicably disappeared without a trace. After a long, arduous search, no one knew where on Earth they could be...that’s because they were no longer on this planet. Extraterrestrial beings had abducted them. Upon returning to Earth, these Marijuana Scientist now had the vast cannabis knowledge that only high beings throughout the universe posses. They came back with something else: Moon Rocks. Ever since that fateful day that these brilliant Moon Rock scientists returned with their out of this world cannabis knowledge, they have been providing dispensaries all around California with medicine that patients have been finding potent, efficient, and clean.   

Harnessing the unreal power of the cosmos for the greater good of the cannabis community, Atomik 420’s innovative marijuana technology produces potent Moon Rocks that get you so high you’ll experience upper atmosphere exploration. Starting with a Private Reserve whole marijuana flower, Atomik 420 then infuses with cannabis wax oil, hash oil, and both. The nug is then coated with a layer of high-grade keif, ice water hash, or top-shelf wax. The result is a dense nug that frequently tests upwards of 55% THC content.

Atomik 420’s intergalactic ganja comes in many different forms to satisfy your many different cannabis needs. Their Moon Rock line varies from Diamond, Ice, Gold, Elite, Klear, NRG, Gold, and CBD.