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Cali Born Dreams

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Cali Born Dreams believes products are made with the customer in mind. As the leading brand in CBD Isolates, we pride ourselves in making sure we provide the highest quality of CBD products out there. 

Cali Born Dreams had been the distributor of CBD Isolate to some major brands. Known for our exceptional CBD Isolate, we decided to share our brand with the rest of the world! We offer a line of Organic CBD Isolate, Gummies, Capsules and soon Tinctures!

All Our Products Have Been and Always Will Be:



-Non THC

-Lab Tested


Cali Born Dreams offers Californians a remarkable hemp-based product. The team’s superior extraction techniques produce CBD products that bring natural healing into reality. The Cali Born Dreams family sees the cannabis community as a second chance at life --whose pioneering advocates bring holistic wellness to millions throughout the globe. It is Cali Born Dreams’ goal to provide CBD products that exude quality in every aspect, from purity to effectiveness, while also remaining the voice for education. Discover how CBD can enhance the quality of your life with one of Cali Born Dreams’ Cannabidiol isolates.

Sam entered the cannabis industry in 2009 after a career in finance. He lived and worked in Walnut Creek, California as a glass distributor, networking with smoke shops throughout Northern California and beyond. After successfully operating his distribution company he felt it was time to embark on a new journey with hemp-derived products. Sam’s first few months in hemp were met with skepticism: his attempts to educate people about the helpful properties of cannabidiol often fell on the deaf ears of those unwilling to hear him out. Sam persisted, for CBD was too beneficial to be ignored. He worked with some of the best physicians to study the interaction of CBD within the endocannabinoid system, and how to isolate it for maximum effectiveness. As Cali Born Dreams' brand development continued the good news of CBD spread throughout the cannabis community. Soon many more folks were open to cannabidiol as an alternative medicine, and in 2015 Sam launched Cali Born Dreams.  

Cali Born Dreams is proud to be a pioneer in CBD. The team begins with USDA Certified, organic hemp flowers cultivated in Colorado for extraction. Then those buds undergo proprietary extraction methods, resulting in full-spectrum CBD isolate.

Cali Born Dreams offers its 99% pure, USDA Certified Organic CBD Isolate as a remedy that’s nearly as versatile as cannabis itself. This isolate can be ingested or dabbed. Simply heat up the banger or e-nail and drop in these powdery crystals at the ideal temperature, or dissolve them into your favorite food or beverage for an extra boost of wellness.

Cali Born Dreams’ team promises to provide its consumers  CBD isolates that are organic, non-GMO, non-THC, vegan, and lab tested. All isolates are full-panel tested by CW Analytics.