Detroit Growers Extracts

Detroit Growers Extracts

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The name embraces the values of the brand – Detroit-based master growers who’ve also mastered the art of extraction. Quality flowers yield quality extracts, Detroit Growers Extracts are experts of both. The team takes pride in their affordability and strive to be accessible to as many patients possible. You can find Detroit Growers Extracts' edibles and concentrates in dispensaries from Detroit all the way to Lancing.   Connect with pure, tested, and transparent cannabis products. Detroit Growers Extracts specialize in your medicinal needs.

The founders of Detroit Growers Extracts are industry experts with several years of experience in the cannabis industry. Since the legalization of medicinal cannabis in Michigan, they have faithfully served the medical marijuana community of Detroit. As time marched forward, the team expanded their methodologies to include extraction and making edibles. Properly dosing edibles is a tricky task, but the team found the perfect formula. Once every aspect of their operation was dialed in, it was time to put a name to the products so many Detroit patients relied on and enjoyed. So they did – Detroit Growers launched in 2014 and remain Michigan patients source of premium cannabis edibles and concentrates ever since.

All Detroit Growers Extracts products begin at an indoor cannabis garden tended by master growers with years of experience. With careful consideration of every input, the Detroit Growers Extracts farm yields some of the finest flowers in Michigan. Post-harvest those buds are processed by their extraction artists who use medical-grade butane to render the cleanest and safest concentrates. They isolate the most desirable characteristics from their strains leaving only the cannabinoids and terpenes, then purge any remaining residual solvents.   

Each batch of shatter from Detroit Growers Extracts hail from unique or exotic strain varieties, and all express the essence of the original cultivar. Let the potent venom of Golden Cobra Shatter melt in your banger or e-nail. This limited release strain is the result of Grape Kush x Tangie and supplies a splash of flavor with every dab. Two more citrusy options include Lemon-Walker OG and Lemon Ice Shatter, both deliver sharp lemon notes and sweeping euphoria. Lastly, Blueberry Pie x Purple Diesel NR Shatter exhibits a masterful blend of two Nug Run strains cultivated to their maximum potential then cured and extracted to perfection. 

Detroit Growers Extracts are proud to offer lab tested cannabis products provided by Iron Labs and PSI Labs. All concentrates are screened for residual solvents and cannabinoid content.