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Elite Harvest Group

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Elite and Discreet, transforming lives with cannabis.

Cannabis is a conduit to relief and joy. The passionate and experienced team at Elite Harvest Group is proud to connect Maine patients to premium cannabis products. The team is comprised of long-standing cannabis advocates with decades of experience with the plant. With Elite Harvest Group’s line of premium cannabis products, Maine patients receive consistent, safe, and lab tested medicine. At the core of Elite Harvest Group is a belief in cannabis’ transformative power. Comfort and relief go a long way and as Elite Harvest Group’s founder stated, “If more people were comfortable and relieved, the world would be a different place.” For single sourced cannabis products you can trust, look to the elite and discreet.

The founders of Elite Harvest Group have a robust background in the cannabis industry, and many have been working with marijuana for over 30 years. Every co-founder possess a unique specialty, whose diverse skills provide an essential piece to their operation. When Maine introduced the medical cannabis program, Elite Harvest Group’s founders each felt a tug in their heart to start a brand. Accurate information and meticulous attention to detail are paramount for anything regarding medicine. With their expertise in cannabis the team knew they could be a great help in Maine’s medical cannabis movement. The group set out to create a brand worth being featured on the shelves of every dispensary; fine-tuning products to meet the needs of their patients and adjusting to the rapidly changing landscape of the cannabis market. In the fall of 2017, the team launched Elite Harvest Group, and introduced premium cannabis to the Maine cannabis community. 

Elite Harvest Group handles all matters of production at their state-of-the-art facility -- master growers cultivate premium cannabis flowers from seed in an indoor garden. Caring for the flowers indoors allows the team to have complete control over the environment. Flowers are nurtured with organic ingredients and grown without pesticides or anything artificial . Once ready for harvest, Elite Harvest Group buds are carefully collected then cured to perfection.   

From there, Elite Harvest Group’s extraction artists work their magic. All Elite Harvest Group’s concentrates are derived from full nugs, trim or shake is never part of their starting material. Those nug run flowers are converted into concentrates by singling out the cannabinoids and terpenes locked in every bud’s trichomes.   

Elite Harvest Group supplies Maine with a wide range of high-quality cannabis products in various formats. Although loved by the Maine cannabis community for everything they produce, Elite Harvest Group is best known for their vape cartridges. Each cartridge features single-sourced cannabis oil derived from whole buds, and every puff expresses the true characteristics of the original strain.   

Those seeking a concentrate with a little more kick will love Elite Harvest Group’s shatter. Also derived from single-sourced, whole buds, their concentrates provide the essence of the strain with every dab. Maine has plenty of smoke-free options from Elite Harvest Group as well. Experience the effects of high-quality cannabis with one of their delicious edibles, or for a faster acting option, use their sublingual tincture. Stop pain on the spot with an Elite Harvest Group salve, a fantastic non-intoxicating alternative. Simply apply to the affected area and let the cannabis do the rest.

Elite Harvest Group is proud to offer lab tested cannabis products provided by Tested Labs.