Fire Stix 313

Fire Stix 313

4.3 ★

Taste the Difference

Experience a new level of euphoria with Fire Stix. These premium vape cartridges contain molecularly distilled cannabis oil, rich in terpenes that deliver phenomenal flavor. But the good stuff doesn’t stop there, Fire Stix cartridges deliver amazing potency making their affordability unbelievable. Fire Stix was founded on the premise of providing the most value in their products to better serve the medical cannabis community. Their extraction artists and master growers are dedicated to creating and cultivating the best cannabis in Michigan. Taste the difference with Fire Stix, euphoric bliss is a puff away. 

The Fire Stix founder has a longstanding relationship with medical cannabis and decades of experience with the cultivation of the plant. He became enamored with marijuana when he saw the positive impact it had on his loved ones suffering from various ailments. As he learned more about cannabis, his love for marijuana grew deeper, and he got into growing. “My first run was A-1!” the founder explained when reminiscing his first crop of flowers. It seemed him and Mary Jane were meant to be and as the cannabis industry evolved, he evolved with it. As the marijuana industry moved into a fascination with concentrates, the founder was right there with it. He began perfecting the methods as they emerged until he developed cannabis extractions he felt worthy to debut. The result of that journey is Fire Stix, a boutique cannabis extraction company devoted to creating concentrates that exude excellence in every puff.   

To create a Fire Stix cartridge, one must have an impeccable knack for timing, strong will and a lot of patience. The founder is privy to anything surrounding cannabis, from cultivation to extraction. He personally oversees each step of the process from soil to oil for maximum quality control. The FireStix team crafts distillate cartridges for a community of which they are a part . “I will not put anything out there that I would not smoke myself,” promises Fire Stix’ founder. When you hit a Fire Stix cartridge, your lungs are absorbing cannabis distillate at its finest.   

The Fire Stix menu offers all your favorite strains in a flavorful distillate cartridge. Patients cannot get enough of Fire Stix Cake Badder Cartridge, a delectable accomplishment of terpenes and potency. Other delicious options include Gelato, Super Lemon Haze, and Tangie Cartridges. No matter which you choose, Fire Stix distillate cartridges delivers the impeccable essence of the strain in a pure, clean extraction. 

Fire Stix believes in quality and transparency through and through, which is why they are proud to offer cannabis distillate tested by PSI Labs. Fire Stix utilizes lab tests to ensure the potency and purity of their products.