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Growers Choice Seeds

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Growers Choice Seeds is the world’s first lifestyle cannabis seed company. The team is dedicated to outfitting patients, adult users, and commercial growers with the freshest seeds from premium strains. Growers Choice Seeds operates with a long-term vision, they encourage feedback from their customers and continually seek ways to optimize their products and service.   

Growers Choice Seeds stands out in customer service thanks to the team’s mission to empower people in the cannabis community with reliable seeds and expert information. Quality is guaranteed, Growers Choice Seeds’ promises a 90% germination rate and they replace seeds that do not germinate at no charge. With a library of expert knowledge available on their website, and a catalog of high-quality seeds, growers have the support to cultivate the cannabis garden of their dreams.   

Growers Choice Seeds was founded by master growers with more than 30 years of experience in cannabis cultivation. The cannabis industry is built on tribal knowledge; information was passed from grower to grower by word of mouth. The team identified a gap. There wasn’t a reliable place for people who would like to grow their own cannabis to source seeds with stable genetics. Even those who could pheno-hunt the seeds  lacked a consistent source for information on proper care and cultivation.   

This spurred industry research that took two decades. The team of horticultural and medical experts called upon their experience and dedicated many years to comprehensively understand the cannabis plant, and how to produce sound seeds. Then after collecting seeds from strains with the most desirable traits, master growers bred and stabilized their genetics. Next came transferring this knowledge to the masses. Growers Choice wrote and published their learnings on their site.   

In 2014 Growers Choice Seeds launched, creating the opportunity for anyone in the cannabis community to grow their very own flowers.   Process Growers Choice Seeds offers a catalog of over 30 strains, and all are feminized. Autoflowering and high CBD strains are their specialty, and every single one of the seeds is picked by hand. After collection, Growers Choice inspects and tests their seeds then packages them in a sealed, medical-grade glass vial for maximum freshness.   

Whether you’re in search of a high-CBD strain or even the dankest Kush, Growers Choice Seeds has you covered with feminized and autoflowering seeds as well as seeds from strains bred for medicinal use and a variety of Kush cultivars. Their CBD Blueberry Medical Feminized Cannabis Seeds yield incredible buds. Her nugs are truly a sight to see, deep purple buds with bright red hairs all coated in milky trichomes. Growers Choice Seeds’ Gorilla Glue Autoflowering Feminized Seeds render buds that look like they were dipped in freshly fallen snow. With the proper care, these seeds will provide flowers with remarkable bud-appeal and even better effects.  

Growers Choice Seeds is proud to offer full spectrum lab tested cannabis seeds.