Higher Society

Higher Society

4.9 ★

Higher Society offers a different kind of extract. Specializing in exotic strains, proprietary methods, and the most flavorful extracts, Higher Society strives to produce a higher standard of concentrates. Their connoisseur level of cannabis expertise informs their practices, and Higher Society is dedicated to expanding the palate of their patients. Consistently excellent and always affordable, Higher Society strives to provide a quality marijuana medicine utterly free of contaminants.

Higher Society is an in-house extraction company began by the founders of Herbal Solutions, a reputable Michigan medical marijuana dispensary. After more than seven years in the Michigan marijuana industry, the founder of Higher Society wanted to create an extraction company to keep their shop stocked with a high-quality product available at a more affordable price for their patients. Harnessing their years of cannabis experience, Higher Society was able to create a desirable concentrate experience that their patients love, and as they grow, they continue to raise the bar for high-standard concentrates in Michigan.

Sourcing their genetics from breeders across Michigan and throughout the cannabis industry, Higher Society prides themselves on being seed hunters, ever seeking out the best of the best. They utilize a closed-loop, BHO extraction method, with gas mixes and proprietary processes to produce the purest concentrates. When it comes to cleanliness and purity, Higher Society’s shatters, crumbles, badders, and concentrates are beyond compare. Higher Society’s OG badders, in particular, are among their patient favorites and have garnered multiple Cannabis Cups whenever they enter the competition. 

With purity among their utmost concerns, Higher Society lab tests all of their extracts to ensure their concentrates remain at a consistent level of quality. Working with PSI Laboratories in Ann Arbor, Higher Society evaluates for terpenes, cannabinoid potency profiles, and residual solvents.