Hot Nife

Hot Nife

4.6 ★

Cutting out stress with fire. Hot Nife brings cannabis premium products without the elitism. Their dedication for high-quality marijuana does not convolute the fun-loving roots of cannabis. Hot Nife believes marijuana is representative of free spirit, connectedness, and, more prominently, fun. Hot Nife puts the fun back into cannabis, while remaining entirely dedicated to transparency, quality, and the patient. Hot Nife embraces how cannabis has brought such a unique collection of people together sharing the common thread of marijuana. Fun is a result of relief, marijuana and Hot Nife bring both. 

Before Hot Nife, the founder was reeling with all of the opportunities marijuana has available in this new and developing market. Hot Nife began on May 1st in 2017, with the mission of bringing holistic care through top-quality marijuana. “I can only be good at what I am passionate about,” says the founder of Hot Nife. This brand’s passion, perseverance, and, most importantly, dedication to fun has taken Hot Nife to higher levels.

Hot Nife offers single sourced CO2 marijuana extracts and sun-grown pre-rolls. Look for the golden amber in their premium concentrates, extracted from flowers of quality grows. However, they haven’t forgotten the fun; their packaging makes strain selection unforgettable. Hot Nife walks the line of cool and functional with a carefree attitude. Instead of being fixated on their overachieving methodologies Hot Nife is interested in the nuances of the 420 community. Even hosting Hot Nife competitions as an ode to the pre-dab era of kitchenware cooking. Hot Nife-ing is an OG way to smoke, and this brand’s multi-generational approach to marijuana focuses in on the collaborative nature of pot-smokers. 

Hot Nife’s products are single sourced, coming from marijuana farms they know and trust. Every batch of product is labeled to celebrate the growers they work with. They seek the best in class cannabis grows that are small, and sensitive to their methodologies. Impact is accounted for on every level for Hot Nife, through sourcing from environmentally conscious marijuana farms to presenting their product in a killer package. 

Hot Nife is proud to offer marijuana concentrates that are full spectrum lab tested, through SC Labs. Providing pure and potent cannabis is a Hot Nife priority. SC Labs provides the Cannabinoid Profiling, Pesticide Testing, Residual Solvent Testing, and much more; ensuring only safe and pure marijuana makes it to market.