Ignite Cannabis Co.

Ignite Cannabis Co.

At Ignite, we have one goal: Change what you, and society, think about cannabis. No matter what continent you live on we deliver superior strains to take care of damn near anything. With so many unknowns, false truths, and straight-up wrong ideologies out there, we’re the catalyst of cannabis change. Don’t believe it? Look around and find out.

At Ignite, we’re devoted to sourcing and distributing the highest quality cannabis on Earth. We work with purpose-built indoor, light assisted greenhouse facilities and pharmaceutical grade manufacturing labs and that’s where it all begins…

Ignite Flower is at the heart of each and every Ignite product. As the basis of everything we make, it represents an unwavering dedication to delivering the best cannabis throughout the globe. From the way in which it’s grown and curated, to the way in which it’s enjoyed, Ignite Flower represents marijuana at its finest — try it once and you’ll know what we’re talking about.

We are dedicated to providing the purest cannabis products worldwide. We test and retest every batch for pesticides, herbicides, viruses, bacteria, microbials and anything else that could possibly harm you. To top it all off, we only source our oil from the finest flower — combining superior quality with state-of- the-art technology in each and every cartridge.

Proper dosing and potency of the product is key to the benefits and enjoyment of any cannabis experience for you. At Ignite, we know — from experience — what a proper dose should be. As a brand, we produce products with optimal dosage and potency counts that you can absolutely rely on. Trust us, we test it and then test it again until it meets all brand standards at Ignite.