Kaizen Extracts

Kaizen Extracts

Kaizen Medicinals is the discerning cannabis connoisseurs go-to extraction company. Offering a full spectrum of marijuana concentrates, Kaizen Medicinals redefines what pure concentrates are all about. Their award-winning line of extracts offers a clean, potent, and highly effective medicated experience, and whether seeking high-CBD strains or the highest level of THC, you’ll find what you’re looking for at Kaizen Medicinals.

The founder of Kaizen Medicinals grew out of a decades-long love affair with cannabis, fascinated by the plant and all its medical and recreational potential. As a patient himself, he began creating his own extracts out of his lack of finding safe, pure concentrates elsewhere on the market. Thanks to his experience in other industries and treasured mentors, Kaizen Medicinals was the first brand in Santa Cruz to craft a 0 ppm concentrate, utterly free of solvents or contaminants. His passion for extractions kindled, Kaizen Medicinals grew from its early days in 2014 to being a recognizable concentrate name in Northern California, as well as winning three Rosin Cups for their extractions. As they expand and continually improve their products, Kaizen Medicinals aims to become a household name in marijuana concentrates throughout the state.

Kaizen Medicinal excellence starts with the highest standards when selecting cannabis source material. Working with only two or three growers who meet their strict criteria, they begin the extraction process using carefully refined BHO methods as well as rosin-pressed and dry sift. Following their purging process, Kaizen Medicinals’ finished products are utterly pure and free of residual materials.

As the ultimate source for all things extraction, Kaizen Medicinals offers everything from BHO to rosin, dry sift to kief, and much more. Their sugars and cake badders are among their patients’ favorites, and they also offer vape cartridges, pre-filled cannabis capsules, and potent tinctures. Kaizen Medicinals also will soon expand their product line to include a full selection of marijuana-infused, soothing topical products.

As Santa Cruz natives, Kaizen Medicinals tests all of their cannabis products through SC LAbs to ensure the high quality and purity of their extracts. Each new strain is investigated for residual solvents, potency, terpenes, pesticides, and microbials.

Patients can find Kaizen Medicinals across the central coast and Bay area, in Santa Cruz, San Jose, Capitola, Monterey and more. Featured dispensaries include Capitola Healing, Kind People, Herbal Cruz, The Guild in San Jose, and Higher Level of Care in Castro. They proudly partner with DNA Genetics, OG Raskal and the Green House Seed Company to source their high-quality marijuana flower.