Lay's Confectionery Company

Lay's Confectionery Company

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Lay’s Confectionery Company is a Southern California based producer of cannabis-infused chocolates and candies.

Our company started with the motivation to help patients like ourselves- those looking to alleviate their symptoms with cannabis, without the harmful effects of smoking. The common problem we encountered with edibles currently on the market was that they were usually much weaker than promised, and not a reliable replacement for the immediate relief achieved through lighting up.

Every Saturday we set up our booth at the local farmer’s market to sell our homegrown produce and delicious homemade organic chocolate. One day, the light bulb went off and we set out to learn everything we could about the best infusion techniques available. After a full year of experimentation and research, we produced our first batch of highly potent medicated chocolate. We knew we had a powerful product on our hands, one that needed to be shared with the rest of the cannabis community.

Although we have expanded in the past few years, adding new products and improving our techniques, all of our confections are still produced in small batches, and each batch undergoes laboratory analysis to ensure accurate dosage. To this day, we stand by the values we started with in our small home kitchen- to create a premium quality product that is safe to consume, extremely potent, and delicious.