Lemon Tree

Lemon Tree

4.9 ★

When life give you Lemons Lemon Tree, the legendary Strain, descends from the Santa Cruz mountains to delight connoisseurs far and wide. With a passion for both cannabis’ healing properties and the potential for a distinctly pleasurable experience, Lemon Tree is proud to stand at the forefront of the marijuana industry’s revolutionary emergence. When a person goes home with Lemon Tree in hand, they know they’re buying not only a product but an experience. 

Lemon Tree originated decades ago as a unique cross of Lemon Skunk and Sour Diesel whose caretakers worked to preserve its terpene profile, potency, and delicious flavor. After years of growing and tending the bud, Lemon Tree’s founders would deliver their precious strain to local dispensaries and patients, who all adored the euphoria Lemon Tree provided. As regulations in California changed, they decided they wanted to put a name to the herb, and in 2014, Lemon Tree officially began, offering their unique genetics in flower, concentrate, and vape cartridge form. Since their launch, they’ve expanded throughout northern California and are slowly reaching down to offer Lemon Tree to the cannabis connoisseur community. 

Years of perfecting have gone into Lemon Tree’s potency and genetics, offering cannabis enthusiasts across the board a consistently excellent, Hybrid experience. Lemon Tree provides a euphoric high that mixes elements of both Sativa and Indica that’s apparent in each of their strain’s forms. Refining their processes, Lemon Tree extracts their flower’s properties into clean cannabinoid form, filling their cartridges with the same signature experience. Their growers only pull a certain amount with each harvest, and Lemon Tree’s connoisseur status attracts strain hunters across California.

Lemon Tree tests all of their products at SC Labs, to ensure their signature strain’s complete level of high-quality potency, terpene profile, and purity of any pesticides or substances. 

Currently, Lemon Tree can be found in Northern California regions, including Sacramento, San Francisco, Santa Cruz and extending down to Fresno. Prominent dispensaries with their flower include PCF Modesto, Green Door and Canna Cruz. Lemon Tree also collaborates with Gilded Extracts, Gold Drop and Blue River Terpenes to create their concentrates.