Liquid Dreamers

Oil makers, dare to dream. Bay Area dispensaries are now stocking this new three-in-one product from the award-winning edible makers, Day Dreamers Chocolates. The Liquid Dreams Refill contains one gram of pure CO2 cannabis oil. Designed to refill vape cartridges, it also moonlights as a direct dab dispenser and oral syringe. Hats off to Day Dreamers for updating the traditional syringe refill format. As safe and effective as syringes are—they put people off. By contrast, Liquid Dreams’ child-resistant pill bottle-meets-push-pop functionality is the aesthetic innovation this industry needs. Day Dreamers uses their award-winning, indoor, organic flowers to produce this uncut, full-spectrum oil. The oil has great viscosity for refills and is 52 percent THC—twice the strength of flowers. The Indica Refill vapes up sweet, ultra-light and smooth, with mega-potent analgesic and sedative effects. Also available in Sativa and CBD 1:1.