Lunchbox Alchemy

Lunchbox Alchemy

What's in your lunchbox?

Squib: Cannabis Gummy

Besides being undeniably tasty, our cannabis gummy, Squib, is most well-known for packing a punch! Made to be enjoyed whole or portioned as needed, each Squib is scored around the edge at even intervals so when cut, they create ten triangular cannabis gummy pieces in equal doses. We couldn’t keep all of this goodness in Oregon, so the Squib has taken on new adventures in the Golden State of California. And don’t forget to check out our CBD Squib!

Tangos: Sour Cannabis Gummy

Introducing Tangos! Our amazingly fun and mouth-watering sour cannabis gummies! Every 50mg package contains ten 5mg Tangos in Blood Orange, Green Apple, Key Lime, Raspberry, and Strawberry. Crafted with organic sugar and organic tapioca syrup, these vegan chews are gelatin free, and enhanced with natural flavors and colors.