Moon Lion

Moon Lion

Moon Lion believes in the potency, purity and energy that the cannabis plant offers. 

Among the many wonderful cannabis plant byproducts are fuel, clothing, fiber, art-craft, hunting supplies and of course the most important of them: health. To put it simply, it possesses a combination of natural properties which help in a diverse array of health issues found in the human body.

In 2009 Moon Lion embarked upon its involvement in the culture of this magnificent plant. Years of work were devoted to the observation, proper care and experimentation to learn about the many and varied species of the cannabis plant. These are divided into groups such as sativa, indica and hybrid. The differences among the species ranges from color, shape, smell, size, density, flavor, which means each species possesses its own unique characteristics.

Our approach is one of dedication and seriousness which defines the difference in our garden and its cultivation; all plants are individually cared for, from germination, through growth, harvest, cure, extraction, all the way to its final product. We pay particular attention to and carefully study our recipes and painstakingly try to improve them. Our process has specific detailed devotions to each stage of the plant with a guarantee of 75% organic product, with the goal of eventually achieving a 99,99% organic extraction.

In 2013, Moon Lion was fortunate to acquire a very special species, extremely rich in CBD (cannabidiol), which is the most powerful property found in the cannabis plant. CANNATONIC has a proportion of 2 : 1, CBD to THC where the average percentages ranged between 10 and 13% of CBD and 5 to 6.5% of THC. This variation is more proof that our process is 100% natural. So, for every harvest there will be a unique variation because there is no such thing as a completely natural equality existing in living beings, neither plant nor animal.

We also have in our gardens other species rich in THC, such as:

  • Private Reserve OG which can achieve up to 28% of pure THC
  • Vegan OG which can achieve up to 26% of pure THC
  • Sour Kush which can achieve up to 25% of pure THC

We are very proud to say that we have learned immense amounts applying Rick Simpson Protocols. This method of washing, then extracting cannabis oil is considered one of the simplest yet most efficient ways which achieves tremendous results of high potency and incredible quantity which, in turn, allows greater access for everyone to this rich, natural and highly effective medication.

Moon Lion Cannasciences makes certain that all raw materials used, the oil extracted and the final product each go through strict tests to guarantee their quality and potency. We partnered with SCLAB, located in California, USA where we have unlimited access to all manner and amounts of information about the world of medical cannabis.

The CBDDIOL was developed with the intention of bringing to the market a complete product; with many positive attributes such as controlled doses, child safe, full description, lab tested and amazing taste.

After much attention and care during the growth period, the harvest and cleaning of the plants are made individually in an extremely hygienic atmosphere. After curing, the basic product is decarbonized, then sent through the process of extraction, filtering and vaporization, then to its final process where it is infused with coconut.