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Our Mission: No name, just flame.   

Nameless Genetics is on a mission to redefine the world of high-end medical marijuana by offering only the highest quality flowers, concentrates, CBD products and solventless extracts around. They truly believe in their medicine and, with more than thirty-two cannabis awards under their belt for flower and concentrate excellence, the rest of the marijuana world does too. From their flagship flower strain, Mega Wellness OG (their exclusive version of OG Kush) to their decorated Live Resin concentrate, Nameless Genetics strives every single day to improve their processes and heal the world through exceptional cannabis products.  

In 2009 a mysterious group with years of growing great weed in the Los Angeles area created a crop of OG so good, it earned the name “Nameless OG,” as the English language could not describe its richness. In the years that followed, this Nameless OG spread across Los Angeles County, adopted by the dispensary The Weed, who dubbed it “Wellness OG” as the only OG worthy of their name. Fast forward to 2013, the lead grower of the “Nameless Posse” found a cut of OG that purportedly tested at 31% THC, which the team bred and bred until they reached their goal of marijuana excellence. The Nameless Posse, now known as Nameless Genetics, named their flower Mega Wellness OG. Today, Mega Wellness OG is acknowledged as one of the best strains of flower and concentrates in the world. Nameless Genetics is here to revolutionize the cannabis industry by offering only the most premier marijuana flowers and extractions. The staff at Nameless hopes that dedication to quality, combined with constant experimentation and evolution will continue to create medicine that will appeal to a wide variety of patients and tastes.   

Nameless Genetics assembles decades of master growing experience to cultivate their premium cannabis flowers in a variety of strains, mostly crossed with their award-winning Mega Wellness OG. Using indoor growing methods, they carefully raise their cannabis crops into only the highest quality bud yields. They then extract not only their premier bud into a variety of different concentrates, but their popcorn nugs and trim are processed as well using both BHO and CO2 extraction methods creating dozens of products. Committed to continual improvement, Nameless Genetics’ methods of growing and extraction are constantly evolving as new technology and techniques become available.   

The award-winning selection from Nameless Genetics consistently sweeps the competition when it comes to both flower and extractions. Their Mega Wellness OG and Mega Kush have both placed in the High Times Cannabis Cups in 2015, while their Mega Wellness OG Live Resin swept the Chalice California Festival, winning Best Overall, 1st place Indica and the Tasters Award. Nameless Genetics also offers Sugar Leaf Wax (close-trim), Dab Darts, Cake Badders, Pressable Melts, Shatter and CBD Sugar Crystals and Cartridges.   

Nameless Genetics products are tested at SC LABS. NG flowers and concentrates are subjected to the full panel of available testing including potency, terpene profiling, microbial, pesticide and growth hormone as well as residual solvents (concentrates only).