PopUp Potcorn

PopUp Potcorn


PopUp Potcorn merges the experience of fresh, hot popcorn with cannabis.

Our goal at Pop-Up Potcorn is to provide a convenient and consistent savory cannabis edible with a satisfying portion size in relation to cannabis quantity using sustainable ingredients.

Pop-Up Potcorn was born during movie night on our cannabis farm in Northern California.

Founder of Pop-Up Potcorn, Rob Arabian, has been professionally involved in the Medical Cannabis Industry since 2006 and has cultivated cannabis for over 12 years. 

In addition to launching a line of cannabis-infused microwave popcorn edibles, Rob is the owner of Good Sun Farm in Northern California which produces sun-grown cannabis for medical use.

He discovered Sustainable Agriculture and the organic food movement while earning a degree in Agriculture and Resource Entrepreneurship at the University of Vermont in the early 2000’s.

Prior to launching Pop-Up Potcorn, Rob worked at 3rd Street Hydroponics in Oakland. The experience expanded his commercial cannabis cultivation knowledge and introduced him to Collective Cannabis Farming.

Rob began cultivating cannabis on a larger scale in warehouses and larger outdoor farms and greenhouses leading to the development of his sun grown farm and experimentation with edible recipes.

Rob’s ongoing experimentation with conveniently cannabis-infused food items — specifically infused oils — and maintaining sustainable food practices was partially the inspiration for Pop-Up Potcorn.

Unlike many edibles with small portion sizes and added sugar, our low dose, single-serving microwavable mini-bags let you enjoy a complete bag of popcorn without worrying about overindulging or overdosing.

Our edible is crafted with organic popcorn and sustainably sourced ingredients and made without artificial flavors.

Potcorn’s snack-size bags come in 3 different cannabis oil blends, each featuring manageable 10mg doses.