Queen of Hearts

Queen of Hearts

5 ★

Our Mission: When you’re looking for a lucky hand, draw Queen of Hearts. Considered royalty within the marijuana industry, Queen of Hearts is one of the leading brands cultivating and extracting in California. Whether you’re looking for winning OGs or showdown dab, bidding on Queen of Hearts is never a gamble. 

Queens of Hearts is the realization of a lifelong passion for weed. The founder grew up with a deep affection for marijuana, smoking to feel relaxed and soothed. That affection turned into ambition as he saw the marijuana industry begin to take off. Taking his fate into his hands, he sought to become a leading cultivator and extract artist within the industry. He knocked on door after door, looking for hard to come by cultivation work in a close knit industry. After two years of apprenticing, for years of cultivating for other manufacturers, and six years of saving to build his stack, he was finally ready to go all in on his dream. Queen of Hearts entered the game and has been dealing premium flower and concentrates ever since.

Queen of Hearts plays with a full house when it comes to their cultivation and extraction methods. With a meticulous and careful selection process, Queen of Hearts only cultivates strains they enjoy smoking themselves, passing on the best flower to their patients. Building their indoor hydroponic cultivation facility from the ground up, Queen of Hearts has developed on of the best OG lines in the game. When it comes to extraction, Queen of Hearts uses their in-house strains to extract, using shake, trim run, nug run. They also utilize wet trim, a process that makes for a fresher and terpy filled dab.

Queen of Hearts stacks the deck with only the most fire weed on the planet. With their legendary OG game on point, they provide your favorites like Original OG, Platinum OG, Alien OG and Tahoe OG, and bring you rarer strains like Legend OG, Rolex OG, and Terminate OG. Queen of Hearts also provides some of the most flavorful flower strains in Strawberry Banana and Blackberry Jack. And, of course, their Ace-in-the-hole is King Louis XIII.